Paper Example on Disney Marketing Mix

Published: 2023-01-18
Paper Example on Disney Marketing Mix
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Disney is one of the greatest business entities or rather companies in the world and is best known for their comprehensive quality strategic management when it comes to marketing their products. Therefore I compress of the major 4Ps in the marketing mix, which is always used in the measurement of the companies' level of competition when placed on the same board with other countries or companies. The company, therefore, aims at reaching the four major marketing determinates or the marketing mix, and they are Product, Place, Promotion, and Price.

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The Product mix

In this sector, Disney Company makes sure that it has done the proper survey within the market for its products and thereby knows the exact types of products the market would need and to what quantity and supply should it make to the market. In this type of market mix within the Disney Company, the main objective or aim of this sector is to take the position of other tops most companies that happen to produce the same types of products. It is in this sector that the company will define its competitiveness with other firms. The rate of competition will, therefore, be measured in terms of profits made, the number of clients gained, and the quality of goods produced (Steenkamp, 2017). So various categorizations are used by Disney to measure the operations such as the use of the Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, and Studio Entertainment amongst others.

Place Distribution

In this marketing mix strategy, the Organization or the company is in a position to clearly state the various places or the directions where the products that will have been produced by Disney should be channeled. The place market mix is that sector that deals with the evaluations on the various points in the market and the types of markets that they should do distributions to. The place sector deals with identifying the best markets that when the distribution of the goods is made, there is certainly in great profit in the end. The place sector deals with the modes of transportation, which in many occasions are considered by the amount or the number of goods to be distributed. When the goods are so bulky, then a huge mode of transport is needed, and when they are smaller, there are a smaller means such as the use of pickups (Fulgoni, 2018). Some examples of places that Disney distributes its products are such as the movie theatres, the various Disney stores that deal with Disney baby and Disney gallery; the official websites all around the world and even on the mobile apps. So the places in which Disney has decided to distribute its products are in many cases diversified, varied, and always address the product mix.

Promotional Mix

In this marketing mix within the Disney Company, there are main factors to be considered, and the fundamental factor is the communication factor. To have effective business operations in today's world, there is a need to create awareness and always remind your clients of the availability of your products (Gill, 2018). The Disney Company, therefore, is not an exception, since it uses a variety of means to create awareness and communicate to their esteemed clients of the availability of the products in the market and that they should come to purchase them or even make orders for faster delivery at doorsteps. They use certain means such as advertisements, direct selling services, Sponsorship, and direct promotion amongst others.

Pricing marketing mix

In this sector, Disney Company is entitled to setting off prices of their various goods and services that they have produced; they have distributed and communicated to their clients for their availability. The pricing strategy, therefore, involves coming up with a favorable price that would not be too much for the clients to the extent of the clients running away to other markets offering the same products with lower prices. When it comes to the pricing strategy for the Disney company products, two major considerations need to be put in place, and they are the market-oriented pricing strategy, and the other one is the value-based marketing strategy which plays great roles in the marketing Mix of pricing in Disney.


Disney is such a great market within the world and therefore, should tighten its strategies to ensure that all its operations are intact. It should bring all the 4 Ps together, that is the product, the promotion, the Price, and the place at very close proximities all the time.


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