Free Essay Sample: A World of Diversity

Published: 2019-10-28
Free Essay Sample: A World of Diversity
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Diversity in the world is what makes the world a rich and cultured society. People are diverse in so many aspects such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class, wealth, language, culture, and beliefs. These factors determine mostly the way people lead their lives and the way people interact with one another. Living in a cosmopolitan world allows the interaction of people from different races, cultural backgrounds, power levels and socio-economic status to interact and live harmoniously. It is important to appreciate the diversity in us in order to be able to understand how to live harmoniously and to promote peace, love, and unity in society.

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The current world is faced with the challenge of accepting the LGBTQ. The LGBTQ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer; this acronym is used to describe individuals whose sexual orientation can create a social concern in society. The recent few years, there have been multiple cases of men marrying other men and women moving in with fellow women. This has caused a lot of discomfort to the Christian fraternity, and many have come out in public to condemn these actions (Inclusion, 2015). Individuals belonging to this group have always had a tough time revealing their identity to society for fear of stigmatization and a jail term. In many countries gay rights are inexistent, other countries have punitive measures for individuals who are found practicing gay or lesbian acts. The fear of stigmatization and the rule of law has caused this group of individuals to remain silent and hide their identities(Inclusion, 2015).

On a given day, I was invited by a friend to a social event. I did not see a reason to turn him down, so I set out for the event. Upon arrival at the venue, my friend came for me, and we went ahead to get a few drinks and socialize with some of his friends. The evening was warm, the ambiance of the environment was calming, and the people were very friendly. We had a great time playing games and cracking jokes the whole night. On this particular night, I was highly active, and I participated in any given challenge that was set out. I did enjoy the night as we were all having a great time and everyone was participating actively. As time went by, past midnight, on my way out to the lavatories I met with two men kissing.

I was pale for a moment, shocked to my roots, I was struck with disbelief. Dumbstruck, I left the vicinity still unable to comprehend what I just saw. I went back and took my seat, quiet and pale; I just sat there. As if I had not had enough, I saw two girls making out on the couch, this never shocked me as much as when I saw my friend also kissing another fella. The later almost gave me a mild heart attack. When he noticed that I had seen him, he came straight to me and told me that it was okay. I left the vicinity immediately and drove off. I went directly home; I was unable to sleep on that night.

I had a difficult moment accepting that my best friend had been gay all along. I did not know what to make of it. The dilemma was to either to drop the friendship or just ignore it all. Sexual orientations are highly varied; I had already heard about gays and lesbians, but I had never had a personal encounter. This brings up the concept of diversity in society; sexual orientation is one of the biggest factors of diversity in the 21st century. This experience totally changed my perspective to life, people and sexual preferences.

Different ideologies, perspective, and approaches to tackling life is unique with every society. People from different calibers in life have associations with those of the lower caliber; language has never been a barrier in the 21st century, and sexual orientation should also be an issue. What I came to learn about the LGBTQ group is that they are just a group of people who have different sexual orientations which are not common to the societal norms. The designation of male and female gender is usually based on the sex of an individual. It is valid to consider the number of permutations that can be developed from the sexes of individuals. The society is not perfect; people have different sexual beliefs, and most importantly people understand themselves better than anyone else.

I was blown to accept my friend the way he is, considering that being gay is what makes him happy. Acceptance is always the first step towards healing. Lately, I have been able to come to terms with how other people view their sexual orientation. Diversity is enriched by these inequalities in life, the rich and the poor, language barriers, different sexual orientations and other factors such as possession of power (Inclusion, 2015). Diversity helps out in adversity; this factor makes us human.


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