Free Essay: A short history of Indians in Canada

Published: 2023-03-27
Free Essay: A short history of Indians in Canada
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"A short History of Indians in Canada" is one of the most celebrated creations in the category of short stories. It is a narration that tells of various narrative traditions, tall tales, fables, and various realistic stories by the king. The production of the story has been brought forth in two genres that are in text and in animations where visualization and similar art in production have been used. The genre with the most impact is the animation genre. The animation genre has the most impact than the text genre because it is through the animated form that saw it bag the top prize meant for the Animated Short tale during the 14th Red Nation festivals. For production to reach and mark such accolades demands a great impact on its audience. For me, in the same way, the animated genre was the most impactful compared to the text.

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Animated genre is more impactful also because it provides a set of different creative presentations that cannot be available in text form. For instance, the character of the doorman in the main piece was recreated to be mischievous, shifting coyote, a type of character that frequently appears in various indigenous tales. Also, the reason why the animated form of the short story was more impactful is that with animation, such kind of art helps in fostering a culture of dialogue and away towards better reconciliation. Animated productions bring out the art of conversation in a more open and visual manner, and this opens up the various common issues in the indigenous communities (Morton, 2017).

Animations have been used throughout history since the 90s, and they have been since used for entertainment and tell tales that invoke emotions. The way with animations is that they are able to communicate emotions and tell stories in a more unique and easy to understand way than texts do. Just like the king's story of the Indians in Canada, animations help tell stories of throughout the world in a way that texts sometimes cannot bring about. It is the natural impact and influence that animations have on their audience. When one gets to watch their story in an animated form, they get to experience a different level of inception and emotional connection that is not easily found with reading texts. Animated creations are just but the best form o genre in telling tales through visual productions (Nichols, 2018).

The animated creation of the short story was developed with the sought advice of the king together with Sheridan's center for traditional support and learning where the animated version of the story was to ensure that respect for the people's culture and their various ways of life was fully respected and captured in the best way. Through animation, the story was created in a way that it became more impactful and relevant to the various themes that it advocates about. Animations are more impactful because they have become a very powerful method through which stories and tales are communicated. The short story is more impactful when presented as an animated production that when in text. A short History of Indians in Canada tells of their indigenous cultures and ways of life which is well brought about in the story, animated creation of it as it was intended by the King clearly and in the most impactful ways brings about theses aspects in a way that invokes emotions and articulates the importance of dialogue and conversations in the communities and between people. Thus the most impactful genre of the short story is through animation.


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