Free Essay about Therapy Services in the Priory hospital

Published: 2019-09-17
Free Essay about Therapy Services in the Priory hospital
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Therapy service is one of the most important aspects within the health providers. The current society is suffering from various conditions that necessarily affect the mental capacity of the individuals. Some the most causes of the mental disorders that lead to the requirement of therapy include depression, trauma, drugs and other triggers that facilitate mental imbalances .Therapy, on the other hand, may be conducted to individuals with the spine injury, as well as those suffering from the alcoholism and gambling. In many health facilities, the aspect of the therapy is integrated within the hospital department. Through these integration criteria, the hospitals have engaged in the provision of the therapy services to the different individuals within the society. The therapy services are mainly administered to the people who have various conditions that require therapeutically conditions which cannot be treated using curative medicine. In my current place of work that is the Priory Hospital in London, the department of the mental health is equipped with the necessary facilities to ensure that all the clients' demands are well meet.

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The hospital has various departments which deal health provision to the general society. The hospital offers therapy to the clients who are suffering from different forms issues within the society. Priory hospital provides a wide range of therapy services which include the specialist treatment packages and cognitive behavior therapy. The treatment in the Priory is facilitated in the environment that is a conducive, supportive and safe environment that fully promotes innovative services, individual care and enhances positive outcomes that facilitate good health. The main goal and the objective of the Priory mental health department are to ensure that there is a strong bond between the human resource between the health providers and the clients to ensure that all they acquire self-esteem and gaining confidence to enable them to carry out day to day activities. The Priory hospital offers various types of the therapy for the healthcare as well as additional services.

Services offered depend on the condition and the need of the client at any given specific moment. For instance the services offered include: Psychological education workshops and in this case the health providers in the hospital offers the clients with the useful practical areas that is mostly in fields such as the eating, food and among others such as the biological aspects of health, exercise and activity classes which mostly are dedicated to ensuring that the clients are in a good physical state as well emotionally and this achieved through exercise class, yoga, relaxation and among others, cognitive behavior therapy that plays a crucial role in the exploration and the difficulties in linking between the thoughts, feelings and the actions of the individuals (Collin, 2016,pp 34). The number of the therapy offered by the Priory hospital is numerous and it will be difficult to mention all of them. Working in the Priory hospital has enabled me to understand how the organization is structured and the procedures that must be followed by the individual before accessing the therapy factors as well as the other services offered by the organization.

In order to access the therapy service from the hospital, a client must have an appointment with the health provider and this is always available from the Monday evening to Friday and on Saturday the specialist is available at the location that is most convenient to the clients. The first issue is to ensure that the clients meet the specialist for assessment in order to determine the issues that need to be addressed within the therapy sessions. The assessment of the individual by the specialist takes approximately one hour. The most important aspect of the exercise is to ensure that all the crucial aspects of the individuals that require being handled are well analyzed and planned. Depending on the seriousness of the issues that requires therapy, the following are the methods used to offer treatment to the clients. The most common form of offering treatment is through the outpatient treatment occurs when a patient meets the consultant psychologist or the therapist within the hospital at the stipulated day and time. In the case of the Priory hospital outpatient services are offered at daytime, evening and the weekend. According to the hospital rules and guidelines, the outpatient is for those clients who do not have complex issues.

The other treatment option that the Priory hospital offers is the inpatient treatment that main deals with the clients who need more attention from the specialists. The main aim of recommending an inpatient is if the client requires a close monitoring in the course of recovery. The Priory hospital is well constructed to offer quality and conducive environment that consist of beautiful surrounding which provides the therapeutic environment and hence quick recovery. The main reason why the inpatient is in the hospital premises is to ensure that the nurses are readily available for helping the client. The other mode of treatment offered by the hospital is the day patient treatment .Client in this category requires more care that than those in the outpatient category but cannot stay in the hospital due to various conditions (Collin, 2016, pp 34). The patient under this category comes to the hospital and takes part in the therapy program to ensure that all the gain made by the individual is not eroded. In the case of day patient it is recommended when the patient staying in the hospital is not practical and the condition he or she is suffering from a condition that can be treated through therapy sessions. The length of the treatment is the mechanism that the hospital uses to treat clients who require the therapy services. The length duration can range from six to ten sessions of one hour as an outpatient. Referral is one of the other of the treatment that the organization offers and this happens when patients from other health institutions are referred to seek service from the specialist of the Priory hospital.

Priory hospital has numerous programs under its management and all these main aims are to ensure that the client receives all the therapy session he or she requires depending on the type of the conditions. Some of the common program Priory hospital offers include the sexual offender treatment, the main aim of the above program is to ensure that the various mechanisms such the auditory and kina esthetic techniques. The Priory hospital also offers substance misuse treatment that main aim is to provide information to the clients and the society the negative effects of drug abuse to the user. The programming role is to ensure that all the individuals suffering from the effects of drug abuse are rehabilitated to improve their self-esteem. Controlling anger and its management is the other program that the Priory hospital offers as a package for its therapy session. A cognitive behavior therapy collection that aids the clients on the issues of anger management.

The Priory hospital boasts of a large number of the well-trained personnel that enables the institution to facilitate therapy services to all the potential clients. The different medical practitioners within the organization are well trained and recognized by the various institutions of regulation. The therapy team comprises of various professionals such as the psychologists nurses and accredited therapist who have the following credentials. All individuals have undergone extensive training in the forms which they perform the therapies. All the members of the therapy teams are all registered with the various professional bodies that regulate the activities (Hale, 2015, pp 567).The Priory therapy team are mainly under the supervision of a senior colleague who has a wealth of experience in the matters concerning the therapy. To facilitate the constant improvement of the service delivery to the clients the organization ensures that the service providers engage in professional development through training. Annual evaluation of the service delivered to the client is the other effective mechanism that facilitates.

Placement process in the Priory hospital

The above information concerning the activities of the Priory I have worked there under placement in the department of the mental health for a period of two years. In the organization employment process is well defined and the procedures are followed in hiring new employees. The performance of the employees is affected by various factors that some arises from either external environment or internal environment. One of the most common sources of the inefficiency to the employees is deployment in the wrong working places. For the organization to realize the full potential engaging the services of the qualified personnel who are competent in the execution of the duties. Placement is the process of assigning new individuals within the position which they are better qualified within the organization. The exercise of placement is conducted by the organization with the main aim being to facilitate efficiency in the service delivery. In the case of the Priory Hospital Potters Bar Hertfordshire where I work, the process of placement is conducted depending on the qualifications and the talent of the person.

The hospital has a capacity of 50 beds inpatient unit. The hospital is situated 5-minute drive from the Junction 24 of the M25.The hospital contains 32 beds of acute patients. The hospital contains 11 beds for male and 7 for women. The hospital contains various departments that the main goal of each department is to ensure that quality service to the clients. The hospital has a well developed system that facilitates clear flow of activities from one department to another. The hospital has invested in to ensure that the service provided is of high according to the requirement of the charter of health provider.

In my placement within the hospital, I was posted in the mental health department which mainly deals with the provision of therapy services. In the department, I was tasked with the ensuring that all the records of the clients were well stored. I was mandated to ensure that all the clients had appointments with the specialists. The above role enables me to develop the important concept of the time management and development of the appointment schedule. The management of the hospital is strict on the meeting schedule of the clients and hence I had to ensure that there was a smooth flow of activities. As record analyst within the organization, I was able to ensure that all the clients are adequately covered within their schedule. The other roles that I had were to keep an analysis of the complaints and the concerns of the clients as well as those of the specialists. In some instances when the workforce is stretched by the increase in the demand the services I always offer to help in conducting the therapy and running other errands. The hospital staff under the mental health department is mainly affected by understaffing and the main reason being the increasing number of clients (Hale, 2015, pp 567).

Areas that need improvement

In the course of my placement within the Priory hospital I have experienced numerous challenges and due to this require the organization to improve in some aspects. Some of the areas in the placement process within the hospital. During the course of my placement, I have experienced the different challenges that arose as a result of placement in the department that does not coincide with the skills and the qualification I have attained. Placement of an employee in a department that requires different skills rather than what one learned in the school makes it difficult for one to adopt...

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