What Is the Definition of Love - Essay Example

Published: 2018-04-05
What Is the Definition of Love - Essay Example
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True love definition

From my point of view, I totally agree that love has no boundaries. This is for the reason that it is unlimited, it has no color, does not choose on the race, no gender as well as no species. Even though many individuals believe that love can only be good and felt under certain conditions and boundaries, I must say that it is not true. Love is all that we are made of, and it what everyone is. However, many people tend to believe in the world of today that finding true love is difficult basing their argument upon the event, conditions or judgment. A lot of people advised that we should love our partners unconditionally, only to later find that when the relationship is encountered mistrust, infidelity, or even grief, the love fades.

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Human beings more often than not have conditions on what love should be without recognizing the fact that true love should be unconditional; it can never be taken away from those who are in possession of it, neither can it be taken away or altered by the conditions and circumstances of our daily life. It is there to stay. My friends often ask me my perspective on true love and its boundaries. But to their surprise, my comment has always been that true love is limitless and knows no boundaries, and that is why I have always said that love has no boundaries. I have always advised them that to take the message home and leave behind any other propaganda behind. It is only the people who are ever there in a relationship trying to give boundaries and limits to love. Humans tend to place limits on whoever they should fall in love with, their gender, their race, their occupation and so much more. This is total crap. Love has no limits. It is only the people who have placed the limits.

Some people may wonder how they could go about changing the limits they have placed in love. This can only be achieved with immediate effect if and only if such individuals could adhere to what I have aforementioned in this write-up. However, for most of the people in order to transform to this course, it will be a matter of step by step procedure. In order for the individuals who considered love to be having boundaries to change their perspective that love is limitless, they will first of all have to release their predetermined judgment concerning their belief that love is conditional. Many individuals in this category are simply wearing costumes of love has boundaries which are temporarily concealed in the divinity of their conscious awareness.

In support of my opinion with my personal experience, when growing up, I had not set boundaries of who I fall in love with. As long as my heart was in love, that was all. I did not consider the race, age, occupation, nationality and all another manner of staffs since I knew very well that love has no boundaries. Indeed, it does not have boundaries. It is us humans that set limits and conditions for love.

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