Free Essay Sample on Personality Trait Test

Published: 2019-06-04
Free Essay Sample on Personality Trait Test
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Based on a personality trait test, my personality type is INFP (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving). Going by the results of the test, I am a person who is never overtaken by reality. I am always lost in a sense of wonder and astonishment. Some people might say that personality types like mine observe life through rose-colored glasses. INFP people are described as having active imagination that makes every day inanimate or non-human objects come to life and take on personalities (Dana, 24). Flora and fauna are given near-human attributes by INFP people. To some extent, this is true. As a child, I lived in a Calvin and Hobbes fashion. I used to switch from reality to fantasy incessantly. However, I did not develop much orientation towards imaginary playmates. I preferred the objects around me to take up roles of the characters I wanted them to be. Comics and films inspired many of these characters. However, in as much as the personality test touched some aspect of my personality, I do not believe it painted the perfect picture of the reality of my personality.

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The personality traits also depict INFPs as people who can see the good side of everyone or everything (Dana, 19). Subsequently, INFPs have a sense of pity and empathy. INFPs are therefore understanding and tolerant. I can identify with this to an extent. I have been faulted as a poor judge of character but I prefer to give people a chance to prove their good side. No matter how negative a persons reputation is, I never use it to judge them in our interaction. I try to understand their point of view before evaluating their character.

However, one aspect of the test that I believe is inaccurate is the possible failure in ability to replicate and arrive at the same results for the test. In some situations, I find myself outgoing and behaving in a manner that is unlike the prescribed personality trait. Subsequently, it is possible that given repeated exposure the external conditions and internal conditions that are responsible for manifestation of the different behavior, the personality trait may be altered. Therefore, I would argue that the personality traits are relative and may change given time and conditions. The ability to replicate the results in a different place and time is one of the hallmarks of proper scientific method in proving a theory (Dana, 17). Therefore, if the personality assessment tests cannot provide similar results later or at another place, it is scientifically weak or inaccurate.

The INFP personality type suggests that I prefer to keep to myself a lot. However, I do like the company of my family close friends. I get lonely a lot when my family or friends are not around . I do like some quite time to meditate but not a lot of the time. The quite time allows me to retrospect and think about the future. I do meet new people, but not as aggressively or as much as some people do. I take a laid back approach to people and maybe this is why I am considered deeply introverted.

The personality test was correct in some aspect of my personality. However, in general, the implication is inaccurate. My personality cannot be bound to the INFP type. I exhibit more often than not completely different personality characteristics from what is depicted by the INFP type personality.

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