Google Management Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-08
Google Management Essay Example
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Organizations that predicted the endless opportunities of the Internet are now considered to be the giant technological companies. Google is an Internet-based global company with its services spanning across every corner of the world. The Internet has made the world a global village with no boundaries. Google Inc. innovations are leveraging the Internet to come up with disruptive technology that aims to solve the problems that the society is facing. They target not only the corporate sector but also the end-user with life-changing solutions. That is just what the world is seeing but what makes Google unique is its ability to manage over 72,000 employees globally. What is the secret behind quick success within a life-span of 20 years? It is almost the dream of everybody to get a chance of working at Google. Human resource management is what has made Google one of the best companies in the world. Google pays a lot of attention to an individual during the hiring process to identify leadership skills from them. Therefore, the rapid growth of this technology company can be attributed to top quality management skills that both executives and employees own. This article comprehensively discusses the success of employee management, customer relationships management, and the unique corporate culture of Google Inc.

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The founders of Google were inclined to the idea of research and independent thinking. The two concepts are believed to empower the employees and encourage the realization of innovative ideas. These ideas have led to improved leadership skills of the individual employee. People who were once junior employees at Google have risen to higher ranks directly from their innovative ideas. The culture of leadership and freedom instilled in employees has resulted in success. The character is what defines the relationship between managers and their juniors. At Google, during the recruitment process set of employee skills comes second to their behavior. The reason they emphasize on behavior, values, and attitude is that they believe with these set of characteristics individual can learn any skills especially in their changing business environment. Freedom comes along with a lot of responsibilities. Freedom has created a social environment that has allowed them to attain high-performance culture.

The start-up mentality and flat organizational structure have resulted in not only shared leadership but also to an organization that is open to change. Start-up mentality is all about that change is inevitable, and therefore, innovation is paramount to the survival of an organization. Shared leadership has enabled employees to take the initiative on coming up with ideas which they assume leadership to see them through. Top management exists to steer through agendas contributed by all employees during the regular meetings. Flat organizational structure discourages the bureaucratic type of management which slows down execution of ideas. It is, therefore, possible for a junior employee to set up a meeting with the CEO to express their thoughts without passing through the responsible manager. Employees at Google feel being part of this great organization which has made them embrace the core values and objectives of Google dearly.

Transparency between employees and management has created safety environment that has allowed employees to ask questions freely and speak out on issues. Some employees call it a psychologically safe environment. The culture of open and honest communication followed by immediate and constructive feedback has made them address issues upfront. CEOs do not make decisions alone, but they involve everyone to deliberate on them. The top managers' primary role is to establish shared leadership approach, inspire teams to succeed, and clear roadblocks that might limit employee performance. The fame, success, and popularity that Google has gained are due to the belief they instilled in each of their employees that they are all leaders.

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