Free Essay Example: Individual or Group Interventions

Published: 2023-10-27
Free Essay Example: Individual or Group Interventions
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It is imperative to note that an intervention is a combination of strategies or program elements designed to yield behavior changes, improve health status among people, or introduce changes in organizations (Martin et al., 2016). Notably, interventions can be in the form of educational changes, stronger or new policies, health promotion campaigns, and environmental improvements. Understandably, corporations undertake interventions so that they can improve their effectiveness by disrupting and altering the current state of work and activities so that it is taken to the desired state through a series of events and activities. Through diagnosis, the management can identify the various areas where there are problems and then look for appropriate interventions to address the issues identified. Depending on the gravity of the issue to be addressed in the corporation, various interventions can be employed (Martin et al., 2016). Therefore, the paper intends to describe strategic planning and team building or bonding as the interventions and the various issues they address. Further, the paper will compare and contrast these two types of interventions mentioned.

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As had been mentioned, interventions by corporations are those that introduce changes like redistribution of tasks that can help improve the performance, provision of additional resources, or even equipment (Martin et al., 2016). In the first intervention, team building or bonding has been used by many corporations to introduce desirable changes. There are various reasons why there is a need to come up with a stronger team. One of the main reasons for building a team is due to the restructuring of the corporation. In cases where restructures have taken place, it is essential to build a stronger team that can perform together without any hitches. Also, team building is necessary when there is a need to get employees from different departments to produce in unison according to set procedures hence avoiding departmental delays (Aga et al., 2016). As a result, there will be a smooth operation across all departments.

In situations where a team needs to improve its performance to achieve a new set target, there is a high need for team building (Aga et al., 2016). It cannot be denied that when a new target is set, the normal ways of conducting activities within the corporation will change. Therefore, all the departments will sit together to agree on how to approach the new targets. Therefore, this is best done through team bonding. Another issue that makes team building necessary is when there is a merger. Corporations conduct their activities differently. Therefore, if there is a merger of any sort, team building becomes necessary so that the different ways of carrying out the businesses can be harmonized for the smooth operation of the newly found merger (Aga et al., 2016). The last issue that is addressed by team building as an intervention is when there are conflicts within various departments. It cannot be denied that a corporation's success depends on the smooth and effective operation of different departments. Without peace in these departments, the corporation's operations will be crippled hence the need to enhance team-building (Aga et al., 2016).

Another intervention that corporations use to introduce positive changes is through strategic planning. Developing a new strategic plan is a beneficial tool because it introduces new and current ways of conducting business while discarding the old ones. Some of the reasons for introducing a new strategic plan are; when the corporation wants to cut costs without interfering with its value (Coleman et al., 2017). When there is restructuring in the corporation in terms of management, new roles for the various teams and departments have to be determined, and this can only be achieved through strategic planning (Coleman et al., 2017). Another reason for developing a strategic plan is that with changes in the corporation's external environment, the above rules for success have changed, and the new team has to come up with new strategies. Also, as mentioned in team building, takeover, or any form of merger calls for new rules and ways of carrying business. It's only through strategic planning as an intervention that this can be achieved (Coleman et al., 2017).

Under strategic planning, some various activities or strategies are undertaken. The issues covered under strategic planning include; developing a future scenario within which the newly developed corporation will have to operate in case of the takeover (Coleman et al., 2017). Another issue mentioned under this intervention is defining each employee and department's roles in implementing the strategies to avoid possible clashes. Also, identifying new opportunities for the whole team is another issue covered in strategic planning (Coleman et al., 2017).

While it is important to compare team building and strategic planning as two major interventions used by corporations to introduce changes, it should be understood that there exist some differences between the two (Aga et al., 2016). In comparing the two interventions, it essential to understand that as an intervention, the strategic planning process is much more than a mere document that outlines the strategic plan of a corporation. The process begins with the management and all people within the organization (Coleman et al., 2017). By including various departmental teams in the plan, they are better positioned to understand the mission, vision, and goals of the corporation. As a result, there will be increased understanding by the various teams, thereby leading to the effective execution of the plan. Therefore, as can be realized, implementing the strategic plan and the whole processes involved depends on the team that is going to implement it (Martin et al., 2016). Thus, a strong team will be required through proper bonding so that the changes can be successful.

Despite the relationship that exists between these two interventions, it should be understood that there are some differences. For example, it cannot be denied that strategic planning majorly depends on the laid down processes and procedures that even include changes in the policy framework of a corporation (Martin et al., 2016). However, team building depends entirely on the human effort to understand their influence on the whole planning process. With a united and committed team, the corporation is sure to effectively accomplish the objectives of the planning process and its implementation (Martin et al., 2016).

In conclusion, the paper has comprehensively discussed two intervention strategies that most corporations use. Strategic planning and team building have seen success in most corporations when well incorporated as interventions. The various issues that affect these interventions have also been discussed alongside clarifying how these two interventions relate and differ in their applications.


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