Gender Roles In Society Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-12
Gender Roles In Society Essay Sample
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In the last 50 years, the roles of men and women have changed in a very dramatic way. I am going to narrow down to how and why these roles change have, I will also explain how these roles used to be like in 50 years ago. Many changes have occurred in gender roles as compared to 50 years back. When we talk about division of work at home, equality in gender and the issues of marriage you will find that in 50 years back things were different; these days’ women are a voice in families.

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In the case of the woman, being married was the key in the life of young girls. They were considered as mothers and house helpers; they used to help in domestic work in the family. Men used to provide for the family, they were referred to as the providers. Men worked very hard so that they can feed for their wife and children. Young boys learned on how to be a man from their fathers who were their role model while young girls learned on how to be good and hardworking wife from their mothers. In those early days men used to protect their families, they were regarded as the comforter. Men would leave their family for many days and even months to go and work in far places in order to provide for the family.

In 50 years period there have been a lot of impact and progress in case of the women. In the current world women wants to advance themselves in their career, many of the women want to study rather than stay in their homes and men to provide for them. This is as a result of the introduction of gender equality. In even education you will find that every subject is the same for both genders.

The introduction of kindergartens has enabled many women to go to their jobs, this explains why many women are able to have many children and also pursue their career. These days many women are flourishing in the businesses more than even their husbands.

The change of the gender roles today is so clear, we find that the child care role have changed to be the responsibility of the women, in the past women had to do all the household work, but these days these jobs at home have been shared by be the man and the woman. Men in some areas are not regarded as the “men of the house” as it used to be, this is because even women are working hard to provide for their family.

When it comes to the employment you will find that in many families both the man and the woman are working full time and this makes it easy for them to share the financial responsibility in the house. In the past men were expected to have full control of the financial responsibility in the family.

The most common thing that has led to this dramatic change among women and men is the financial pressure; this is because the cost of living is so high that the financial responsibility has to be shared between the couples.

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