Gender Role In Society Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-15
Gender Role In Society Essay Sample
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Define gender role

Gender roles are the responsibilities learned by an individual according to their gender as prescribed by a given community. There are some roles which are perceived to be feminine while others are masculine. From the creation of human beings, God gave Adam the responsibility to toil to feed the family and Eve was tasked to give birth in pain and take care of the family. For generations, Men have been the providers of the families and doing heavy work since they have more energy while ladies do lighter jobs.

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Time has really changed and responsibilities changed as well. People are moving away from the norms and embracing a new culture. Recent needs are not the same needs of over 50 years ago. The main economic activity has changed as well. In the past, people had huge farms since the population was low. They could bore more children to assist in the firm. Food was no problem. Education was not a necessity. They could inherit the farms and other properties from their parents. In today's world where are the huge farms? Are the parents really having enough properties to be inherited by their children? Are they able to take care of a huge number of children?

Difficult life has lead to both men and women aid each other in providing for the family. It is not strange to find the wife going to job as the husband takes care of the kids. Education has become the key to both girls and boys for a better life. It is the greatest possession a parent can give to their children. Nowadays girls are enlighted.

It was quite difficult to get female engineers 50 years ago, they are all over today. They are accomplishing what men could not have accomplished. of recent, women are building houses and educating their children a role which was perceived to be for the male.

In the past, it was only females who were expected to decorate themselves to look attractive. In the recent moment, there are male models who spend most of their time perfecting their appearance. This is really a change of culture. Back then they could have been seen as insane which is normal nowadays.

Ladies ware perceived to be emotional and accommodative while men were aggressive and self-confident. Today, ladies are more aggressive and confident. They are female soldiers who risk their lives protecting their country. They compete with men in boxing and have become very good in games you could find the only male like football. On the other hand, men have become so emotional, during the delivery of the baby, you can find a husband crying more than the wife, you could think that he is more in pain than the wife who is delivering.

It is common to find men taking care the children, cleaning the home and cooking as the wife take care of the finance and work on the car. It was almost impossible to observe this in the past. Education has really contributed to the shift of gender role. It has created equality in both men and women.

Male nurses are there as well. It was difficult to find one in the past and they are doing a wonderful job in the field. If both male and female work together, The world can be a better place. Each can contribute their talents in a given field which results in a great achievement. The incidence of the recent moment has seen massive advancement in technology as a result of contribution by both male and female. Ther should be no role set specifically for a given gender. Every person, male and female should follow their heart and do what they enjoy and are good in.

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