Fine Art Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-22
Fine Art Essay Example
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Art and Society

Museum exhibitions continue to evolve rapidly in the contemporary world of art. Equally, various dynamic experiences are gained in traditional galleries, along the streets, in sports venues, and corporate visitor centers within the community. The thematic analysis of exhibitions enables one to understand the goal of each artwork and the audience’s perception. In most cases, the present-day shows are innovations of past artworks. The aim is to enhance the distinctiveness of the art industry by capturing divergent and contemporary views.

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Some cultures are more art cultivating than others. Japanese art represents all the diversity and beauty of the nature and the depth of the human souls. The intricate world of art was contributed by many poets, artists and even emperors to show the rest of the world the Japanese beauty in its entire splendor.

In contrast with the European culture seeking to relieve the struggles of human feelings, the Japanese aimed at achieving the harmony through uniting with the nature. All the paintings are saturated with the colors of Japanese cherry tree; its blossom embraces every represented image so much, that you can nearly feel the scent of the flowers.

The culture of tea ceremony is another fruit of the peaceful mind of Japanese people. The very idea of making the routine a special ceremony is a celebration of the natural treasures available for people. No wonder, Daoism is a prevailing religion in the country, as it preaches the values of harmonious life without stressful encounters and with complete immersion in the nature.

The most famous poet and glorifier of the nature was Matsuo Basho, who was a founder of haiku style. His short rhymes are the pure representation of the peace and magic of the nature. He could describe a tree with three words, without any details, but mentioning the birds flying around and the morning sun rising, so that the reader could feel that glory of the tree without even imagining the color of its leaves. That was the first and the most important contribution to the Japanese culture: the ability to feel the harmony and to make others feel it, and there is no other place than nature to do that.

It’s not a surprise, that culture was the strongest leverage and common power of the empires of passed millennia. Long before technology and money could invade the trade routes and all the relations among nations, cultural treasures were the only thing to value and to influence other nations.

Of course, we may consider China or Rome as richest empires with most influential diplomacy, political impacts and invaluable power of the kings. India is often neglected in the discussions, but it’s the only country that has never been an empire or had a powerful king and still preserves being spiritual heart for the half of the world.

There’s much to remember: India has been a part of British Empire and still it hasn’t got catholicized. It’s very important as it’s a great contrast to most of the world colonies. Britons had been the greatest sea and land power in the world, the well-known Silk Route was controlled by them, Hong Kong was under control for almost 100 years and even the democratic west, America, has been British colony. Perhaps, the only influence India got from Britain was language – everyone knows English in India now. The cultural basics remained unchanged.

Art, Culture and Society

Art forms a major part of the day to day living in our society. This includes the stories, legends, myths, paintings, folklore, and even how we talk. Since the palaeolithic period, people expressed it in stories, rock paintings, the animal stories that were told and also their environment (Sunzi & Clements, 2017). Hence, it helps us to know how people in the past spent their lives and has passed on this culture to us, without which none of this would have reached us.

In the current world, it is used in many spheres. People use it to express their feelings. It comprises of various human activities as well as their products. This includes the drawing of images or objects found in different fields like literature, photography, political science, paintings, sculpture, and music among others. For example, people express their fantasy in literature. Through this, they are able to become the individual they so desire to be. Music, which is another form of art, enable people to express their thoughts and compositions. Most of the time, it assists the young generations to forget their problems at least for some moment, and to relax.

Another form of art is Painting. This usually has both the action and its result. Using it, artists are able to express different emotions like love, fear or happiness. Additionally, it enables them to present other type of information such as their hobbies, customs and other interests found in their cultures. People also use photography as a form of art. It is a means of demonstrating the reality using glass. It has found a lot of use on the modern society in business, science, communication and for entertainment purposes.

These are just some few examples among other disciplines in art which are vital in the contemporary world. In essence, art is very important in our societies because it makes individuals to be better in the society as well as defining individuals. This is the reason why people all over the world strive to develop their own art as a means to provide beauty into this world. In short, art makes the world to be a better place to live. It is a means for people to feel satisfied and have pleasure in their own lives.

To this end, students and members of the society should develop the knowledge and skills in this subject, which will help them in this way. After studying the different aspects of this subject, people will gain massive knowledge which will enable them to be more skilled and experienced (Sunzi & Clements, 2017).

It is therefore, without doubt, that a world without art would just be a vast void full of unimaginative, uncreative, and non-colorful world; basically a toast without butter. Otherwise, art will be found in every sphere of the modern society only that it sometimes goes unnoticed. This includes in the movies, stories, television, jewelry, ads, music and even in the clothes.


Sunzi, & Clements, J. (2017). The art of war. London: Macmillan Colector’s Library.

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