Fast Food Essay Samples

Published: 2018-04-27
Fast Food Essay Samples
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Pros and cons of fast food

Food is one of the vital elements to life and one must consider what they take to stay healthy. Fast foods are currently available and are taken by individuals in various regions globally. In countries such as United States of America, fast food is part of dietary habits in many families. Some of the common fast food choices include fried potatoes, soft drinks as well as burger and pizza. Although fast food has some benefits, it is also associated with several health challenges. Based on that background, this primary objective and aim of this essay is to explain, evaluate and determine some of the major pros and cons associated with eating fast foods.

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Pros of Eating Fast Food

Firstly, fast foods are convenient since there are a lot of fast food restaurants in almost every street in the cities and towns. Fast food allows one to consume ready to eat food. Some of the fast food varieties such as greens, vegetables and nuts are also healthy despite being time consuming to prepare at home. Secondly, fast food restaurants mostly offer a variety of food choices. One can eat food from various cultures in a fast food joint. There are fast foods that offer burgers, chicken, and sandwiches from various cultures. For example, there are Chinese, Italian, African and Mexican dishes in fast food centers.

Thirdly, the fast food restaurants offers cheap food and one can eat within their budget. Compared to home cooking which is time consuming and expensive, fast foods are cheaper and offers relatively healthy foods.

In summary, it can be argued that fast food offers a number of benefits. For example, it saves time; it is cheaper and offers a variety of healthy food choices.

Cons of Eating Fast Food

Fast food is associated with several disadvantages. For example, fast foods offer lower quality food. Majority of fast foods are made in bulk and this lower their quality. Secondly, fast foods are unhealthy and are made of more fats. The process of creating fast foods added a lot of greasy and fat contents to the food most of the time. Fast foods also offer calorie dense foods and this is dangerous to people. The byproducts of fast foods are not heavily regulated and consumers of such foods may experience certain diseases. Although fast foods are cheaper, their cost goes beyond the price people pay to eat them. When the cost is measured in terms of quality of food delivered, fast foods are more dangerous and costly.

Evidently, fast food is one of the leading causes of Obesity and Diabetes in regions such as United States of America. Fast foods are also associated with high levels of addiction. Many people mostly start eating fast foods for convenience purposes but they end up eating it almost daily. The taste of the food perpetuates addiction feelings and this is dangerous as well. Through their marketing programs, fast food centers target children and they end up convincing them to take a lot of foods that are unhealthy.

Fast food good or bad

1. Fast food offers convenience. If you are busy running the kids from practice to practice or you are running late for a meeting skipping meals may seem like the thing to do but the reality is not eating is far worse than eating fast food.

2. When you skip a meal your metabolism slows and you can actually suffer a rebound effect where you will eat more at the next go round. Fast food can make grabbing a meal on the way quick and easy.

3. More fast food restaurants are offering healthy options. You can opt for a salad at most fast food places now, sure it may be harder to make that call when all you see is photos of great looking burgers on the menu but it is a very real option.

4. New regulations require that fast food restaurants clearly display calorie content and fat content on their menus so you know at a glance what you are getting. This information can help you to make good food choices and you can make them quickly.

5. Ordering is easy at a fast food drive thru. Everything is listed by number. You do not have to sit and ponder a menu everything is typically offered as a meal option so it is a no brainer.

6. The standard of quality is the same no matter where you come across the restaurant. You can get the same meal in Florida as you can in California. This standard allows you to get a meal that you will enjoy and that is familiar.

7. You can not beat the price of fast food. There is so much competition for your business that fast food chains are constantly undercutting each other and you get to realize the savings. Where else can you get lunch for under $5.

Cons of Fast Food

1. They offer calorie dense foods. Their suppliers are not really rewarded for taking green approaches to growing the meat and the food that is used. As a matter of fact many fast food chains come under fire from groups like PETA for not treating the animals humanely. The supply chain always comes under fire because of the shoddy practices.

2. The mass production of food is never a good thing when it comes to processed foods and the chemicals and preservatives that are used in them. Fast food is calorically dense food which means that it will put more weight on you than food that you prepare at home or fresher food options.

3. Fast food restaurants often offer food that is simply unhealthy across the board. It is impossible to really monitor the quality of the food when it is being prepared on such a large scale. There has been more than one incidence of fast food restaurants that have come under fire for mass outbreaks of food borne illnesses.

4. Things like “chicken nuggets” are made from “mystery” food products and byproducts. The definition of “all natural” is a loose term that is not heavily regulated so using that term to sell food is actually quite deceptive. Consumers are not really certain what the ingredients are in the foods but the fast food restaurants use tricky marketing terms to sell the food.

5. The true cost of fast food goes beyond the price you pay for a burger. The cost can be measured in the quality of the food that you are eating and how that food chain is affected by the low cost.

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