Free Essay with the Marketing Plan for A-Plus Express Marketing Agency

Published: 2022-11-04
Free Essay with the Marketing Plan for A-Plus Express Marketing Agency
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A-Plus Express Marketing Agency also abbreviated as (A-P.E.M.A), is a marketing company that has existed since 2010, its primary objective is to empower all types of business regardless of the sizes by researching, analyzing, and selecting appropriate market niches by the use of market mix strategies to enhance their journey to success by ensuring the well-being of all stakeholders.

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Marketing Research

Research indicates that almost 90 percent of college students and youths are active internet users, 50 percent of these students spend their holidays touring new areas to face new challenges. With the availability of resources such the resources such as the rich mountain heritage, A-P.E.M.A will implement the use of market mix to establish better accountability in promoting Smoky Ridge Apparel Company active wears products. The aim of the market mix will develop the following elements:

Value: The Company understands the clients require active wear, but the market niche of the product faces stiff competition as well it is isolated from the ideal clients.

Convenience: The Company has come to terms that the brand of Smoke Ridge Apparel Company faces threats of identity theft; therefore, the marketing motto will be changed to "Ideal products that meet client's needs." It is a slogan that will be used to ensure that all the clients get the opportunity to provide feedback if the product suits his/her need and if not what needs to be done to improve on the products.

Cost: The cost of teaching product will be as per the bargaining power of the clients but with the condition of getting into contracts with the clients.

Communication: The idea will enhance an ideal connection using the slogan provided above to initiate relationships and not promote the products. The information and message will be personal thus an illusion that you are talking to them directly.

Lastly, A-P.E.M.A will use sporting activities to promote the wear, since it will focus on endorsing a celebrity, then inviting other local based athletes to the event with the idea that the Smoky Ridge Apparel gear will be used in the development. Later athletes are asked on the quality and other properties of the equipment, and at the same time, the entry fee for the event will be the purchase of the products but a discount fee.

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Smoky Ridge Apparel Company, an enterprise established from the backgrounds of the rich mountain nature promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of sports, but when only conducted in the right way. Right means, with the appropriate equipment, clothing, and ideal environment. At Smoky Ridge Apparel Company, all of there can be attained by ensuring that the client is not left out. "Ideal products that meet the client's needs" surpasses the value of the product but reflects on the satisfaction, comfort, and the ideal connection between the product and the client.

Majorly, the product accounts for much less but ideal comfort since it comes in different sizes, different fabrics, and different styles, so it is upon the client to choose on a perfect line according to their preferences. Additionally, the product is named active wear because of its models; thus, it is designed with advanced technology integrated garments that enhance acute evaporation mechanism and comes with a heart rate measurement watch that enables the client to embrace and manage a healthy sports life.

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