Analytic Essay Sample: Correlation between the Psychological Welfare of a Person and His Health

Published: 2021-03-15
Analytic Essay Sample: Correlation between the Psychological Welfare of a Person and His Health
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During the August holiday, I interviewed several people for my assignment to examine their physical, social, psychological, economic, cultural, and how they affected their academics. The first interviewee was Stephanie Dias, who had completed her first semester at the college. Within her holiday, she had improved her relations as she made many new friends. She was not quick to trust and, therefore, none of her new friends was too close to her. Psychologically she was more mature and had grown her mental approach significantly. Despite her psychological maturity, she did not have a job and had to depend on her parents. She was close to her family including her Cuban and Croatian grandmothers. She had lost weight, which had contributed to her confidence boost.

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Frank Quintero, on the other hand, was a healthy young man who fancied being going to the gym and exercising. Having moved away from his home and joined college, he had no choice but to become mature. He had to find economic stability by getting a job. The previous month had been a good month for him as he increased his earned a promotion at his work. The promotion was a proof of his hard work and maturity. He took three classes in the semester, environmental psychology, English composition and microcomputer. Frank originated from Venezuela where he had left his parents while he came to study. As a young adult, Frank was showing great levels of responsibility and independence having to earn a living and attend to his studies at the same time.

Pedro Rodriguez is an American of Cuban ancestry. Having to survive alone he has taken on some very demanding jobs that leave him very tired at the end of the day. Pedro is not an outgoing person and does not have many friends. His work has exhausted him psychologically, and he is looking forward to having a little more space. His feels the need to act mature by earning money even in tough conditions. His work denies him the opportunity to work out and affects his health significantly. He recently started wearing glasses as his work had made him develop eyesight complications. Despite the fact that he is miles away from Cuba, he fought follows his culture and tries to honor the things his parents have taught him.

Lucas Castellanos is an American with a Venezuelan ancestry. His parents and family live in Venezuela as he studies in America. The life in America has affected him greatly, and he misses being with his parents in Venezuela. As a result of his deteriorating health conditions, he had to get an appendicitis operation that had caused him to lose weight significantly. His first semester in college is tough, but he remains committed to achieving excellence. He studies math, humanities, and other freshman experience subjects.

From the experiences of these four students, one can establish a correlation between the psychological welfare of a person and his health. Both Lucas and Pedro have developed health issues and have shown great dissatisfaction with their lives in their new school. Their tendency to miss home and their new responsibilities have caused them to develop these problems. Frank and Stephanie, on the other hand, have showed great satisfaction with their lives which has translated to healthy living and upholding healthy lifestyles. The main cause of stress for these students was the fact that missed their parents and had to find a way to earn a living while they studied. Their ability to handle the transitional phase of their lives contributed to their happiness and health.

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