Free Essay about the Story, Tim Gun And The Leakey Shower; Welcome To My Life Little Guy

Published: 2022-07-19 04:05:59
Free Essay about the Story, Tim Gun And The Leakey Shower; Welcome To My Life Little Guy
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"Tim Gunn and the Leaky shower; Welcome to my life" is a story that explains the problems of motherhood, especially the problems of mothers who parent their kids with little or no help from anybody else. The story is about a mother whose baby has just been born, and she is facing a tone of other problems at the same time that pushes her to the edge. For instance, despite her shower leaking uncontrollably, her landlord hired the most unreliable people to do it because they were cheaper. Besides, there were loud noises from the construction sites near her apartment, there was dust getting into her house and uncontrollable noises among other things. All these problems did not allow her to provide an ideal living environment for her child, but since she could not change anything, she had to deal with them along with her baby, who could not stop crying all day and could not sleep at night. The story then explains what inspired the mother to deal with all these problems, which included watching the show, "Project Runway" where Tim tells his stylist to make it work no matter what. "As a means of escape, I turned on old episodes of "Project Runway." (Downs, 2015). The moment she began adopting the same attitude towards life, she made the best of her situation.

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Almost all parts of SQ3R helped me summarize the story because I began by surveying various parts of the story such as the title, the introduction and the conclusion bit. These parts helped to grasp the idea of what the story would be about. I then questioned most of these parts based on the ideas I got. For instance, I figured that the story is about a newborn baby from the title, so I began wondering what had the child done and whose child was it. After that, I went through the entire text answering these questions to understand what the story is about entirely. Finally, I internalized the tale and summarized the main ideas to make sense of it.

There are many connections between this story and what I read about the community, my experiences and my observation. However, the main idea from this story was ways in which people deal with their day to day problems, especially those that may lead to depression. The woman in this story almost went into recession because of the endless difficulties she went through despite having to take care of a newborn baby on her own. Generally, most people in today's society believe that the only way to deal with such stressing and depressing situations is either through mediations to relieve stress or sleeping pills or therapy, and sometimes both. However, from the story, I believe that it is possible to use positive thinking to deal with the most challenging situations in our lives.

Throughout the story, I was curious to understand whether one has to rely on other people for his or her happiness as seen from the author's statement, "I needed my own personal Tim Gunn who could inspire me to power through this mess" (Downs, 2015). I know that it is essential for someone to be there and always encourage us to do better but do we still need these people? This question was answered towards the end of the story when the author chose to take a positive approach towards situations rather than wishing other people would do it for her.


Downs, M. 2015. Tim Gunn and the Leaky Shower; Welcome to my Life, Little Guy. (Online source).

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