Essay Example Describing Events Industry Career

Published: 2022-07-11
Essay Example Describing Events Industry Career
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Events management is one of the growing professions in the industry. There are companies which have the events management department, while they are individuals who have formed their own business to offer the same services (Bowdin, McDonnell, Allen and O'Toole, 2001, 3). The events director is in charge of planning, budgeting, deciding the site where the ceremony will be held and ensuring that the event is a success. The success of the gathering will be determined by whether the events management team was able to ensure the satisfaction of the customers, for instance, by ensuring that all the guests had seats, despite the number, the venue was large enough for the intended occasion, and everything was within budget (Raj, Walters and Rashid, 2017, 21).

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The satisfaction of the customers is supported by ensuring that the events director is competent, skilled and experienced. In most companies, they hire events directors with experience for about five years. Such individuals have conducted lots of events planning and are aware of how to plan within budget, despite the number of visitors who are expected (Q&A (ABC). In the current economy, where unemployment is high, youth are being empowered to start their small business instead of waiting to get hired. The Foundation of Youth Australians (FYA) is dedicated to motivating young people who are ambitious in offering chances of creativity which will help address some of the existing issues in the society (Foundation for Young Australians, 2015, 7). Event management is one of the careers which offer self-employment chances where one can become the director and take events from different companies, plan and get the profit (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 2017).

Work is predicted to create a change in the future. Changing the work structures for example, where the youth will be part of the labour force and hoped to create a change. There are individual businesses where the owner becomes the leader, and they drive their company towards expansion. Artificial intelligence is taking over the industry (The Guardian, 2015). The introduction of the robots, for example, is feared that it will replace human beings in employment. The robots are known to be more effective and fast than human beings, and they boost productivity (Bladen, Kennell, Abson and Wilde, 2012. 28). When people decide to hire themselves instead of waiting for any opportunities which may come, they help in the reduction of poverty and improving the working as well as living conditions (Bowdin, Allen, Harris, McDonnell, and O'Toole, 2012, 5).

I have always been interested in events management. I always watched the way the venues were prepared, such as the placing of the plates, spoons, and cups on a table, the matching of the tables' clothes, the decorations and ensuring a friendly atmosphere. Initially, it appeared like a simple task as it would only be about making the correct arrangements. However, I did not know that event directors had lots of work to achieve the success of the events. It did not only concern placing tables and chairs in a certain manner (Yeoman, Robertson, Ali-Knight, Drummond and McMahon-Beattie, 2012, 9). It also had a lot to do with planning how people would be sited in the event and if there was enough space if it were required. It also concerned budgeting, as the event had to be with a certain amount of money. Therefore skills and experience are necessary for the work to be successful (Soteriades and Dimou, 2011, 330).

In conclusion, event management profession is creating an opportunity for technology development as well as offering an opportunity for the youth to develop their careers. Experience, competence, and skills are required in this case.


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