Interview With a Musician, Essay Example for Free

Published: 2018-05-22
Interview With a Musician, Essay Example for Free
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Introduction to Music Essay

Music is an art, having various styles and types. The expanse of music may be difficult to understand by people who are not engaged in the art. In my attempt to achieve a deeper and more precise understanding of music and music making, I approached one of our local musicians for a one-on-one interview.

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What is your name?

My name is Moses Watatua, though I am commonly known as Watts, which has grown to be my nickname used by my friends and students.

Are you a performer, conductor or both?

I could say both, mainly because I fill in as a conductor in some of the lessons I give. However, I am more inclined toward performing. I prefer to interact and play the musical instruments in person rather than direct others how to play their instruments.

How long have you studied music?

I would say I have studied music most of my life. I began my “informal” studies in music at a young age. The informal studies aside, I have studied music for eight years now.

What instrument(s) do you play?

I play the piano and the saxophone. However, I am more in love with the sax.

Do you sing? If so, what voice range?

(Smiles) I wish I could; I gave it a shot, though all that came out was a croak. I do hum at times if that makes any difference (laughs heartedly).

In which music ensembles have you participated? In what capacity?

I have performed mostly in jazz quartets and orchestras. For the orchestras, I have performed in several state bands and Jazz festivals.

Do you take part in concerts frequently? Approximately how many performances a year?

Oh yes! In fact, I have performed in several concerts, both in festivals and in the state orchestras and in Ghetto Classics, our music group. Not so many performances a year.

How is active participation in music-making different from passive listening?

Active participation is very different from passive listening. In my case, active participation requires constant concentration when cite reading as you play the instrument. In passive listening, you can sit back and listen to how the pieces connect with one another.

What decisions do you make while performing music?

I make several decisions when playing. These are dependent on the piece we are playing; I tend to analyze the piece, deciding where and whether to play with more vigor, which will bring a particular emotion to the piece.

What styles of music do you most often perform?

I would be performing jazz and orchestral music. Most of the time, however, you will find me mostly performing jazz. I love it more than any other.

Describe the specific styles that you perform frequently.

That would be jazz. Jazz is the sort of music which is spontaneous and conducted in a pre-determined tune. We express ourselves and create our impressions at the moment. I couldn’t explain jazz for you to get a full understanding of it. Just attend one session, and you will get an idea of what I mean. The orchestra is a large assembly of string instruments, brass, percussions, and woodwinds, playing mainly instrumental music.

Do you now (or do you plan to) make your living as a musician?

Currently, yes. Music is a source of living for me, as I teach music students at high school (Nairobi School) and private schools.

What are the advantages of a career in music?

Several. For one, you get to have a free and adventurous lifestyle. The fame and popularity also count. Having people shout out your name is something. You get to earn from selling records and teaching music students.

What are the disadvantages?

One con that comes with music, especially performers, is that you will always have to look good as the press will hang you for the slightest mistake. Fans and paparazzi will always be on your tail, undermining your privacy.

Essay About Music Conclusion

From the interview, I learned several things. Music is a form of expression or the musician. There are different ensembles of music different artists take part in. The different genres have their various flows and styles. For music to be made, for example in the orchestras, different instruments are involved in bringing about a harmonized piece.

What surprised me from the interview with Watatua is active participation. I always thought it was easy and involved only playing. However, from his description, there is a lot of focus required in delivering what is in the piece to actual music. Several decisions are also involved. Becoming a music star always seemed like the best thing though it seems your privacy will never be the same.


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