Nursing Career Essay, Free Example for You

Published: 2018-05-24 14:40:06
Nursing Career Essay, Free Example for You
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Health Care Services

Nursing involves having the capability, willingness, and the passion for attending to medical and health care seekers. Many people in the current and also in the past require the health care services. These can involve administering medicine to patients, taking care of the weak ones, among other various activities. Doing the job requires a lot of hard work, good will, patience, and even understanding.

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In my nursing career life, which is more than twenty years, I have worked in several clinical places, like the NYC as a paramedic, and I am today undertaking the License practical nurse. I believe this is the best decision I ever made in life regarding my career life. I have several reasons pertaining as to why I choose to nurse as a career.

Nursing is a career that it diversified. The career opens up into various paths of different job opportunities that are viewed within the career course as one press on with the working. In most cases, most people begin as a just health worker and during the working career advance into other jobs regarding their experience and also their various passions involving the nursing sector. As for me, I am now looking into getting into the Registered Nursing programs.

Nursing Is A Rewarding Career

Also, in nursing, there is an existence of a proper job security for both men and women in the career. Maintaining a good working record gives the nurse the advantage of getting demanded by many other healthcare organizations. As a nurse, one can work and at the same time learn to be a doctor or even an assistant surgeon. Thus with advantage, there is no worrying concerning a loss of the job.

In the nursing career, one gets the chance to make an enormous impact and a difference in the life of someone. One gets to learn about the value of human life after getting into contact with people struggling and fighting so hard to stay alive. The love for humanity helps make sure a nurse do all is in their capability to assist the patient.

However, it is also a well-paying career different from other jobs that one has to struggle so much to keep the salaries increased. It also encourages more learning as there are various challenges in everyday activities into trying to help people and also perform one’s personal role in the society.

Nursing is one of the many careers that will always grow and promote humanity. Even though it is challenging, it helps save the lives of the people, bring light and cheer the people together with giving them the comfort they need. It is a rewarding career that brings joy with its workings.

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