Free Essay: Computers and the Effects on the 21st Century Life

Published: 2017-11-10
Free Essay: Computers and the Effects on the 21st Century Life
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Computers in 21st-century essay

Computers play a critical in the life of the people in the 21st century. They are a core part in the management of business, communication, computing and manufacturing. The computer is not a simple machine; the device constitutes functional units that conduct high-level computing and outputting of results of the computations. Computers help people to search for information, contacts, markets and foster communications at rapid speeds. A computer can be referred to as a big calculator that computes complicated functions that cannot be handled by the small calculators (Samiksha).

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Since the advent of computer usage in the 20th century, the way of doing activities has tremendously changed. In this generation, a big part of the population owns a computer, a smart phone, and tablets. Tablets and smart phones are miniaturized computers that perform quick functions such as making phone calls, sending emails and accessing information. All the above-mentioned services offered by computers have revolutionized how people relate in the 21st century. Computers have played a critical role in the eradication of illiteracy among people (Siddiqui and Singh 71-75). In addition, enthusiasm, productivity and high levels of efficiency have been realized with their use.

Computers are no longer office machines; they are used at home and across many sectors in the economy (Cogburn). Computers have been used in hastening the operation of businesses, sending invoices, orders and any form of communication is no longer cumbersome as it used to be, thanks to the advent of computers. Due to high levels of accuracy that computers offer, calibrations, design, and deployment of projects are conducted using computers. It would be nearly impossible to conduct operations in this day and age without the help of computers.

Through the existence of websites that publish religious content, the spread of religious beliefs has grown viral in this century. Since the translation of the religious books into several languages has been made easier through the use of computers, Protestant, Catholic, and Islamic beliefs have spread widely. The access of the biblical, Quran and other religious content on an online platform has opened up access for multitudes of people. Computers have also helped in the spread of the gospel in the form of emails that is sent to subscribers of the message. The existence of computers has also helped in the spread of preaching through direct virtual private networks and live streaming options; people have been able to access church materials from the computers.

The use of computers has revolutionized the way businesses conduct their operations. The development of business analytics tools, payroll management, personnel management and administration activities have been greatly improved through the use of computers. Productivity and efficiency in the operations of companies have greatly improved through the use of advanced web and mobile applications that work seamlessly to improve results. Business analytics tools have been used to generate projections of the performance of corporations. The use of computers has helped businesses to re-strategize on their earlier planned set goals.

Computers in schools

The education sector has also benefited tremendously from the use of computers. Initially, there were unfounded fears that the adoption of computers in schools would replace teachers in schools. It is important to understand that computers offer access to repositories that contain educational content such as books, journals, quizzes and video and audio tutorials. Teachers have also benefited through the use of computers; teachers are able to administer lessons to students through computer terminals that are connected to students in class or in their individual homes. It is important to acknowledge that computers have enabled students to access content that are not covered in class. Students can have access to useful content which enable them to perform better in their exams and in life generally.

The introduction of computers in the 21st century has its numerous advantages and a couple of demerits. The computer age is one that has been filled with acts of cyber terrorism. In any case, information is the gold of this century- individuals who have information are the most powerful individuals. Holding a company’s information and resources ransom is a problem that is facing many organizations. Cyber criminals or hackers for that matter have the ability to penetrate weak networks and access information that is critical to the operation of the organizations. Online payments have been slowed down by cyber theft where transactions are redirected to unwanted accounts. The social ills such as pornography that is highly viral and accessible online are one of the ills of computers and the internet age (Siddiqui and Singh 71-75).

Computers in the 21st century have dramatically revolutionized the life of people, business to business relationships, business to client relations and communication within interest groups. Computers are neither good nor bad; it all depends on how the individual uses it.

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