My Autobiography Essay Sample

Published: 2020-06-10
My Autobiography Essay Sample
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When I sit back to evaluate and consider the important events of my past life, the significant of my current life, and my the goals I have in future, the major fundamental theme is one of appreciating diversity, expressly across socio-economic and ethnic class lines.

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My name is Gabriela Gutierrez, and I was born in 1990 in the small state known as Alamo in Texas. I am American Mexican female who was born and grew up with other two siblings. Remarkably, I am the middle child of my parents, and I can confess that middle syndrome in children is valid and exists since I am a victim of the circumstance. I have an elder sister and a younger brother who gets a lot of attention from both parents than the two us. Particularly, I felt my parents loved the elder sister because he was the first and the younger because he was the last. Actually, I did not have a position of identity since my eldest sister was always referred to as the first born and the youngest the last born; I did not hear them say the middle born. In attempt to get better life for both of us, my parents decided to move to the United States of America from Mexico where they believed we could get good education as they struggled with life to educating us. Hence, I must describe my parents as responsible people whose aims were to find by all means the best for their kids.

My early education life is one aspect that I will live to remember in entire life since it was not an easy one. Particularly, I got psychologically tortured, and it is that time that I realized that there were other forms of bullying other than just physical one. Notably, my native language was Spanish, and that was the primary source of the predicament that I faced in my early schooling. It means that I struggled to speak English; something that made some teachers to separate me from English speakers. I felt it was unfair since I believed I could only learn English perfectly when granted the opportunity to interact with such speakers. In fact, I began to question myself whether it was not acceptable to have an exclusive tradition that did not coincide with the preponderance in my neighborhood. As a result, I performed poorly at first; however, through determination and hard work which are among my core characteristics, I ironically became one the top students at the end of the year.

Remarkably, my poor performance depended on my language identity; since I was not a native English speaker, I missed a lot that were explained in English. Remember most of the tests were set in English and learning another language overnight is for the genius whom I was not. In this case, I had to suffer internally though I knew I was one of the sharpest children in our family. After coping with the situation in middle school, I became a tomboy since I loved sports too much which made me make many friends. It is from the sports that I started feeling comfortable since I had to mix up with numerous individuals of different backgrounds and attitude that also taught me how to handle dissimilar attitudes. My mind was unexpectedly opened to the familiarities of individuals I would never have thought existed.

However, in high school I made a lot of friends, and I was put under the category of jock. At least at this point my origin and background orientation was no longer my point of identification; I was I identified by my capabilities and personality, and I think individuals should be judged using such characteristics and not from background orientation and physical look. To mention, I am a person who does not look down upon anybody and would wish to interact with every individual. As a matter fact, this is the major reason why I went along with most people and made several friends. Needless to say, it is my good character and a sense of love and care that made me win the heart of many individuals; therefore, I blended with everybody. As a matter of fact, it is in this place where I learned of diversity.

After graduating from San Antonio Texas, I joined the University of Texas at San Antonio to study education. My urge to study education was geared by the experience I underwent in school. I still feel bad when I was separated from my colleagues not because I was weak but due to the fact that I could not speak English language that was not my mistake either was it my parents fault. I did not want any other child to experience what I underwent, and I wanted to do it by advising children and not segregating them from their peers. Most importantly, I wanted to be an instructor who could reveal to his or her learners that it is not anybodys fault to be born from a struggling family, and from a country that speak another language from the classmates. However, I lost the courage to pursue the wanted course. I could not understand myself; I did not comprehend what I wanted in life, and I took a break after learning for two years. To my understanding, the financial struggle that I underwent was the reason for dropping out from school. At the same time, I wanted a job that could see me remove my parents and siblings from the social middle class where people have to struggle to get basic things needs education.

After realizing the need for school and evaluating what I really wanted in life, I decided to go back to school and complete my education. Notably, there are several reasons why I decided to come back to school and pursue my education. First, I wanted to remove my family from the poor economic status of life. I realized that despite the struggle they have undergone to educate me up to university level, it was an injustice to drop from school and get nothing out of such brawls. I wanted to work hard and assist my siblings just the way my parents have been supportive. On the same note, I also wanted to get a position in our family and prove to my parents that a position in the family does not matter. Specifically, whether last born or middle born, all children should be loved equally. However, that was not my major issue: elevating my family from the middle class to high class was my priority. Particularly, my eldest sister has been on my mind; hence, she forms part of my hard work. As part of our family, I feel everyone should be equal and supported in areas that they cannot manage alone.

Additionally, I wanted the power to prove to everybody that no matter where you come from, your dream is valid so long as there are hard work and hopes. From history, few Hispanics, especially ladies few have made it successfully to the University. Often, most of them drop and do not complete education especially those who come from the humble background like mine. On noticing this, I realized that I was going to continue that cycle of one racial background not successfully completing school. For example, I came from an ethnic origin that had not done so well in education; however, my spirit was to succeed in life no matter the hardship we were experiencing. On the same note, despite the gender equality that become agenda of any current meeting, ladies are still left behind in terms of corporate jobs, salary, and education. However, my aim was to surpass this belief and become an iron lady, a lady with power, and all these could only happen through education.

After going back to school, I practiced hard work since it has been my priority. This can be seen all the way at the time I did not fluently speak English. Despite all the hardship, I got from school and at home, I still managed to be among the best students in class beating even native English speakers. Notably, I have managed to buy my own house, and I am seriously looking after my big sister. Particularly, I do not want her to feel out of place as I did when I was young.

Despite having full-time and well-paying job, I have the feeling of becoming a teacher just as I did before. The feeling is driven by the inequality that exists in some sectors of our education system. I am a witness that there people who do not make it in life not because they cannot manage but because they have several obstacles placed by other persons in front of them that deny them the right of pursuing higher education and becoming successful in life. Again, despite having a weakness of reading and writing I hope to complete my school and graduate in 2016.

Following the discussion herein, it suffices that although I live a comfortable life now, the journey to where I have reached has not been admirable. Born from a humble family in Alama and went to the United States of America, English was not my native language; hence, I failed in some classes. Notably, I was also born with other siblings; however, I suffered middle born syndrome since I felt the parents gave our last born a lot of attention. Remarkably, I made a lot of friends in high school where I learn so much about diversity. On the same note, becoming one of the best students also revealed to me that no matter where one comes from his or her dreams are valid. Generally, I made it to a better life through struggles and my aim right now is to elevate my family to a better social class than the one they occupy currently.


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