Why Should We Eat Local Food? The Answer Is Inside This Free Essay

Published: 2018-02-28
Why Should We Eat Local Food? The Answer Is Inside This Free Essay
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Benefits of eating local food

The main reason for why people eat local is to reduce energy resources needed for storage and transport. Essentially, the further food has moved from the production site; paddock to a person’s plate, the greater its impact on the environment, the reason being fuel used in transport as well as increased greenhouse emission which is used for refrigeration of the products. This paper examines four different tips for eating locally.

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Tip #1-shop at farmers markets: I will try as much as possible to eat and shop from farmers markets that feature locally grown products. This will not only be fun but is also an easy way to increase the quantity of local foods I buy and consume. However, I understand that not all farmers markets have similar guidelines. Therefore, I will be checking to see what they have are locally grown products. This is realistic as all I need to do is to identify this market and make it my market.

Tip #2- joining community-supported agriculture: I will look for a community supported agriculture that connects participants to a particular farm. By joining such a group, i will be able to buy a share in the farm then in return get a share of the return. I will be assured of getting freshest and best produce from the farm.

Tip #3-select a restaurant that sources its products locally. I will frequent restaurants that purchase from regional and local farmers. By eating from these joints and restaurants, i will be supporting their bid to be environmentally conservatisms. I believe this is realistic for me.

Tip #4-i will shop at a store that labels the origins of their foods. I will particularly look for signs marking the source of the meat, seafood, produce and poultry. Health food stores often label the origin of their produce. Some groceries also do label their foods. I can realistically attain this I just need to get to know the store that labels the origin of their produce.

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