Music Essay Example: Wagner, Modern Opera, And Terror

Published: 2022-04-27
Music Essay Example: Wagner, Modern Opera, And Terror
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Wagner was a composer and an anti-semitic who published an essay that sought to attack the influence of Jews on German culture. This led to a lot of Jewish rejecting and refusing to listen to his music. The fact that he was not the only individual who showed antagonism toward the Jews. I personally think that it is fair to single out his work on the cultural ban because through his essay and operas it is evident that he desired pure German race and is viewed as to have Less thought of the Jews. There is also a connection between Hitler and Wagners family during his political family.

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1. If Wagner Would Be Held Responsible For Nazi's Regime Championing.

Richard Wagner who lived decades before Nazism birth had an enormous influence on the movement of National Socialist and its leaders.In His essay Das Judenthum in der Musik He wrote that, Of all the expression, Jewish music is characterized by indifference and coldness, nonsense and triviality.He also spoke of Jewish harmful influence on the nation's morality.However, his opera's ultranationalistic character and all these ideas provided a feeding ground for cultural conception and Nazi ideology.

2.Whether Music Or Art Is Linked To Its Creator's Ideology.

Art or music is linked to the ideologies of its creator because it starts with perception and every individual is inspired by the experience.Individuals recognize beauty and are moved to express how they feel or what they perceive.Therefore there are various ways this idea can be expressed either in music, art, or language.In the case of Walt Disney, there has been the myth of him being antisemitic as he has employed anti-semitic members in his company and that he hated Jews.These accusations are evident in some of his work, example three little pigs where the wolf portrays a Jewish peddler.

My Stance on This Topic. And If Israel Should Continue With The Ban. And whether America should adopt The Same Policy Or Dissuade People From Censorship.

The Topic addresses Richard Wagner who was and is still a controversial figure in today's world.He is associated in many minds of individuals with Nazism and his Operas are regarded as extortion towards German nationalism.This topic is not only intrinsic to music but it offers an enlightenment on the antisemitic issue. I feel that Israel should continue to ban Wagner's music because it would arouse Holucust survivors traumatic memories.Today, there has been a continued Censorship practice and a routine ban in the US where films, plays, newspaper, history books, music and other media.Censorship is seen to be ignoring freedom of speech and basic rights However I feel that America should adopt censorship towards media that violates the country's social, psychological or economic values.Without censorship, there may be lack of morals and guidelines in today's society 1.Who Took Art A lot More Serious Among Those Who Wanted It To Be Left Alone Or The Ones Regulating It.

The article suggests that art has to be good and in an absolute sense thus it doesn't have a right of existence. However, those who wish to regulate this art takes it more seriously.These people may be regulating this art using methods such as censorship as they seem to have an understanding of the art and its effects or how influential it could be.The article suggest s that art may inflict harm and thus it, Is blameless for this harm it may cause.Art may bring about negative impacts on the society and change how people view some topics.The article suggests that censorship is the plorable but forbearance exercise could be noble.

2.Why Carl Orff May Have Been Forgiven, Unlike Wagner. And My Thought On This Situation.

Wagner music has a very powerful subject.And he is so much associated with NAZI. Wagner remains to be so controversial even up to date.Wagner's music represents and reminds people of Nazi horrors and is regarded as have introduced politics in his opera.Wagner is regarded to have portrayed perspectives that portrayed antisemitic perceptions in his music. I hower feel that Carl Orff was forgiven because his music didn't have a powerful impact on the people, unlike Wagner. Carl Orff's music is performed today. The cultural establishment of NAZI wanted to get rid of Mendelssohn name they, however, asked Strauss to rewrite this music where he refused but Orff agreed to undertake this task

Whether I Agree with Richard Taruskin Notes. And One Instance Where Art Is Considered Dangerous.How Society Should Respond To Dangerous Work.

Plato understood the music negative effects and its danger, In a way that he was in favor of censorship.Richard had questioned autonomous art notion. Art cannot be blamed for its manipulative behavior. It can also be bad and wicked and only society or the government can help resolve this. I do not fully agree with Richard Taruskin statement that art could inflict harm, and is not blameless. In my own opinion, I think art is blameless but it may lead to negative influence which may cause harm. However, art may take advantage of a reflective character which is semi-neutral to help the individual to communicate better or get along. It may also force its own audience to contend with reality or truth which may be An example of an instance where art is considered dangerous might be a case when artist do venture into politics there is a risk of integrity and reputation. Artist's role is unambiguous in asserting the imagination of an individual. It is, however, interesting that a man accepts freedom very quickly.Society has a role to play in ensuring that this Dangerous art is addressed with. They could engage in protest in against this dangerous art.The protest may also offer power in proving of Censorship futility. Music and other media should be censored because some provoke negative effects such as violence, or sex within a society. Censorship is a tool that controls a society. This is because not every individual will use media or music in a good and positive way. Some artist may take advantage of the freedom for their own profit gain.

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