The Importance of Math for the college students

Published: 2019-09-09 07:30:00
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Why math is very important to the community college students? At Brookdale, about 70% of students are required to take a at least one basic skills math class. Since the same is true nationally, there has been a debate about what can be done to help students overcome this hurdle. Even though math keeps many students from attaining their educational goals, it is still necessary for the college students to have the math classes depending on their educational fields. Students who are doing engineering program they need to have more classes than the students from history classes.

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College algebra is necessary for every students because it helps the students to understand the basic knowledge of mathematics. Without basic algebra, students are like without colleges, as it is the basic toll for every students to understand the daily calculations of their lives. People must learn basic math skills decimals, ratios, and estimating, sharpened by a good base in arithmetic (Andrew 34). If the students are not able to calculate the basic the things how they will work in the companies like accounting firm, public database firm and many others? Students who are taking social science and history classes they are not taking many math classes because in their major fields does not require to take it. They might think they are the smart people because they are not taking those upper math classes but it is not true in general. Most of the scientists or scholars in the world, they all were good in math, they math. As Peter Braunfeld from the University of Illinois tells to his students that our civilization would collapse without mathematics and Andrew Hacker says it is correct. According to Austin and Howsin math is a prerequisite for the cognitive functions. Math words express a language. Most of the colleges are required to take math test to verify the students ability about math. Students who are struggling with mathematics they have the math language problem to understand that is why they are not doing well (Linda 23). College algebra should be mandatory for every college students.

Students need to take higher levels of math class depending on their educational fields. students who are taking Engineering classes they need to have more math classes like calculus part 1, calculus part 2, trigonometry because their fields need to solve many mathematical term and therefor they need more knowledge on math. Students who are willing to be engineers in the futures they cannot have their degrees without having the math classes. Mathematics helps students to bring a better concept, better concept does not independently, and it does not come through culture (Whorf 18). When the most of the students come to the college for admission, they need to take some kind of tests which are compass test, ACT tests, Gre tests and math is necessary there (George 45).

Students need to take math classes in the college; there is no doubt about it. But it will depends on their educational fields how many math classes they need to have to get their college degrees. Students cannot succeed in their future lives without lives having any math class. Basic Math should be mandatory for every college students. If colleges want to take away math educations, it will have a bad impact on the students for the future, they might even not the jobs after their college graduation, most of the companies want you have a basic math knowledge.

People should learn basic numerical skills: decimals, ratios and estimating, sharpened by a good grounding in arithmetic.

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