Terrorism in America Essay Example

Published: 2018-12-07
Terrorism in America Essay Example
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American Revolution

Failure by the Great Britain regimes to adjust and create conditions that enabled robust economic growth to the colonies was one of the key reasons behind American Revolution. Most often, American Revolution is linked to American independence war that lasted for about 8years. It is worth noting that the act of revolution took over a century and a half when the first English settlers go into the United States. The big question is why the American Revolution is linked to terrorism.

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To understand this correlation, it is imperative to decipher all the elements of terrorism and the reasons behind the revolutionary acts by the Americans against their colonial masters. Terrorism verbatim is the intentional use of violence as a way of creating fear, and deaths as a way of achieving political economic, religious, and ideological bargain. Was this the case of American revolt against the colonial regime? The discussion considers the reasons behind the America religion as detailed.

British War

The triumph Britain war against the French in 1763 left the nation in severe economic insolvency. To offset their debts, they turned on their colonies through Stamp Act in which all their colonies were under obligation to pay for all public documents. In the act of defiance, the American rebelled against as most merchants refused to comply. It followed constant battles after the famous Boston Massacre orchestrated by the Britons.

Based on this analogy and other reason, it is worth noting that the acts of violence were perpetrated on the Americans by the Britons and never at any point did America resort to the act of terror as defined to get to get their wishes. Unlike terrorists who plan and execute their acts far away from home, most of the American radical actions were confined to their nation. Upon attaining independence, America has never experienced any terrorism-related uprising which is contrary to the unrelenting terrorist from other countries. Based on the reasons for and the dynamics of the American war, it is wrong to link the American Revolution to the act of terror.


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