Religion and Politics Essay Sample for Free

Published: 2018-03-21
Religion and Politics Essay Sample for Free
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Religious economy refers to religious people interacting within a market framework of competing ideologies and groups. In that sense, an economy makes it realistic for religious groups to meet the demand of the consumers through supplying them with their needs. In the market segment, the consumers are relying on the religious groups in different ways to meet their demands. In the recent years, most people have lost faith in religion as they believed it had become a profit-making organization rather than helping people to grow spiritually; that is why they have increasingly become nonaffiliated with any religion. In fact, many religions are known to be competing for followers through marketing strategies. In some countries, the government has enacted policies to tax religious groups due to the amount of money they are making every year.

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Most of the religious groups have even moved to the business sector through establishing companies and institution. In that light, it is not possible to separate business with religion. Based on that, many people have affiliated with such religious groups as since they believe their needs are not met. From various reports, people have heavily criticized the action of religious economy. Many people argue that the religious group should either focus on helping people to grow spiritually or venture into business. Nevertheless, religious leaders have argued that the reason as to why they are venturing into other business is to raise enough money to support their religious activities. However, looking closely to the money that such religious groups are making, it is evident that they are only focusing on the profits are making themselves wealthy. The aspects of the religious economy need to be abolished since it offers diverse services to their customers.

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