Teaching Proposal on Social Media - Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-16
Teaching Proposal on Social Media - Paper Example
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Introduction to social media lesson will equip students with necessary skills on how to handle social media responsibly as well be aware of the danger social media poses to their lives. Social media use has been on high use, especially among the youths which is why it is paramount for them to be socially aware. The youth, in general, have recorded the highest use of social media in the modern world. The purpose of this is to teach students to be mindful of the rise in the use of social media, the threats it poses in their lives as well as show them how they can become responsible and use the platforms to benefit themselves. Social media is not entirely a bad idea, and the way to controlling it is not through force but creating an understanding.

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Social media is a platform used for entertainment, news as well as passing knowledge in the form of articles and journals (Ulmer &Jasmine, 2016). The rise of social media use at this age has been highly recorded coming with several shortcomings. The youth especially the teenagers tend to be the biggest victims of such ploys hence the need to create awareness among not only the youth but the society in general. Social media platforms, if used appropriately, can be of paramount importance to our lives a reason why we cannot dismiss it just because several things are not going well. In a session meant to create awareness of social media among students, the following will be the main topics of discussion; what is social media as a whole? This is to make sure everybody understands the main subject and what it is all about. When is the right time to join social media? (Vickers et al., 2015) & (Zheng, 2016) another question that begs for answers and here we listen to the views of different students of when they think it is appropriate to be part of the media. The third question in the discussion will be how often do we spend our time in social media? Do we use most of our time on these platforms and if we do what the main things we spend time doing there are. How often do we use social media to help us in our lives socially? This will answer the question of whether most students use social media for fun or learning and exploring different phenomena. How do you deal with cases of cyberbullying in cases one threatens to harm by leaking explicit photos online if you do not heed to his demands? It begs the question of how do you report that, would you tell your parent or submit to the bully? This will answer the question of how to deal with cases of online bullies (Gleason et al., 2018). The final subject of discussion will be how to create awareness among the students and be in a capacity to use social media not only for fun but for doing beneficial things like learning to add value into their lives (Zheng, 2016). The question will discuss how to use social media safely as well as avoid the danger brought by risks such as cyberbullying.

The target audience for this discussion will be students in an institution who will later present with questionnaires regarding the topic on what they have learned regarding the responsible use of social media. This will gauge the level of preparedness the students have about facing social media platforms' risk.


We are in a modern era, and social media is upon us. We cannot dismiss it but allow ourselves to be part of it responsibly. Social media awareness should be created in society with everybody playing their part parents, teachers, guardians as well as other stakeholders.

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