Politics Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2018-02-02 12:21:02
Politics Essay Sample for Everyone
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Essay on politics

Politics in the United States has and will always remain divided, and this is what makes us a democracy. The last election was one with varied perspectives and views. Two very different candidates and the winner was far from what Americans expected well this is as the media lead us to believe. The events of the night of November 8th, 2016 remain vivid in my mind. I kept refreshing all the news websites on my computer in disbelief of the electoral result. The next morning for many of us presented a state of shock and uncertainty concerning what had just happened. The next few days are a culmination of the scariest part of this journey where the power of what is considered to be the highest officer globally is about to be handed to a man with no finesse, no sympathy, and with no experience in politics. Are we going to be alright? Can our safety, livelihood, and economy be lead by a man with such convictions?

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Our elected President is certainly the best at shocking the world and expressing his every thought out to the world through social media especially through Twitter. His rude words and ignorant opinion has been part of his campaign and remain strong post-election. Will he continue to do so? Here in Washington, from my Uber drivers to the nail salon lady and every speaker we had the chance of meeting, all express a sense of uncertainty. The tension and the fear of the unknown are significantly evident in every individual.

Essay on politics today

Today, listening to Ruy Teixeira and John Hudak brings me right back to my American Democracy class. The question, therefore, is how far Trump will be using his power to bargain and persuade? Does our president elect’s plan to use his power to persuade, bargain and convince other political branches to accomplish his political agenda or will he simply not bother and focus on the use of his unilateral powers?

My biggest worry is that the president's powers may go beyond persuasion and negotiation with Congress. In fact, history shows that the president has the authority to act independently on various matters. The base of this theory claims that presidents have unilateral powers that make them capable of bringing changes to policymaking. The modern presidency often uses this type of influence to avoid legislative and judicial branch intervention successfully. One of the features regarding unilateral power is that the president has the unquestionable authority to act alone. Unlike Congress, the president doesn't need to form alliances, convince, or influence delegates. The President has the power to make decisions on his own without having to bargain and persuade.

In the past 50 years, Presidents have also expanded their power due to the significant decrease in monitoring from the Congress. Unilateral policy making, executive orders, and executive agreements are now more common and acceptable in the modern days. Unilateral powers are always at the disposal of all presidents. It's simply a matter of how much a president is willing to use, and in this case, it may be more than he should.


I had a tendency of leaning towards unilateral executive power because presidents have more responsibilities and involvement than ever. By continuing to rely on their unilateral powers, leaders accomplish their duties faster and more efficiently. At times, Congress seems to drag its feet when it's time to pass new bills or any agreement. There is, however, a shift in my opinion, especially after the concluded election. I am now wondering if after all president should hold this much power. It because all the efforts geared towards building this great nation, from previous centuries may suffer impairment if all this power is in the wrong hands.

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