Essay Sample Claiming that Smoking Should Be Banned on College Campuses

Published: 2022-05-06
Essay Sample Claiming that Smoking Should Be Banned on College Campuses
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Among a host of unacceptable vices and modes of conduct in society is smoking cigarettes and bhang. It is a practice that originates and pervades either from the observation and early exposure by their parents and close peers or out of curiosity in trying to explore its nature, with the users ending up trapped in addiction. It gets highly celebrated among the victims in that, due to their twisted and distorted beliefs, they consider it a refreshing spree which can give them false confidence once under its influence. Also, to their pleasure, they can identify themselves with a particular group of rowdy people, their fellow consumers, as they feel safe with them. The oblivious to them has both short term and long term unbecoming effects in their daily lives. To mention but a few, their health deteriorates coupled with poorly spent finances and being burdensome to society. (Dickinson, Hayley, 2).

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Firstly, smoking substances destroy the health of the users. Cigarettes have tar, the black element that, once inhaled, coats the walls of the breathing tracts including trachea, bronchus, bronchioles, and alveoli. Over time, they accumulate and subsequently block them, making air flow difficult. It, in turn, brings about breathing difficulties aside from the tar impeding the normal functioning of body cells in those regions. Abnormal growth of cells result and cancerous tumors become paramount, hence ill health. On top of that, it barricades the smooth flow of inhaled and exhaled air mounting breathing difficulties.

Financial assets are, by and large, misused by the smokers. It happens when, in place of investing it in useful ventures like payment of school fees, they utilize it in buying smoking substances which have no useful returns - resulting in misplaced priorities by the students. Desperate for money to buy cigars during bankruptcy, most of them are at risk of attempting thievery and too much begging in a bid to boost their financial obligations of purchasing drugs. Also, some students can try to deceit their parents into sending them money; others sell the property they already have to serve the same, digging more into poverty. That viciously promotes more cruel traits and problems in the society. (Marcovitz, Hal, 2).

Smoking, besides, brings about disillusionment and the poor making of choices among the students. It results when, having indulged in substance abuse, tend to forgo the fundamental obligation and motive that took them to school in the first place - that of studying. Student smokers will, as a consequence, attract friends with the same characteristics and once together, will further carry on their smoking habit and even dig into more immoral activities like unprotected sex and being unhygienic. All these will have a negative impact on their academics thus ruining that would - have - been brighter future.

Student smoking, furthermore, will become a burden to the societies. First, their governments will have to pump in many resources in the campaigns to do away with that evil behavior. That leads to wastage of resources that could have been invested in other sectors like the expansion of infrastructural facilities among them roads, hospitals, and railways. Also, the time wasted could have been used in attending to other crucial obligations. (Nichter, Mimi, 4).

Summing up, the awful ramifications of a student smoking in colleges is devastating, both to students and the society, hence the need to be rooted out and I therefore agree with the topic.

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