Police Brutality Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-22
Police Brutality Essay Sample
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Essay on police brutality

Police brutality is one among the many forms of police misconducts. It includes intimidation, false arrest, political repression, racial profiling, but also both sexual and surveillance abuse. The United States of America and France are no exception.

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Police brutality still exists in the USA. It was already an issue during the segregation in the 50s when the police have beat Rosa Park, an old black woman who refused to give up her place to a white man on a bus in Alabama. Another famous case would be Rodney King, an African-American taxi driver who has been beaten by the police because he first refused to pull over his car. Police beat him for about 15 minutes resulting in skull fractures, broken bones and teeth, and permanent brain damage.

French police brutality

In France, today the situation is no better about police brutality. In the year 2016, Guillaume Vadot a 28 years professor at the University of Paris-Sorbonne claimed that he was intimidated and also sexually harassed by the police after he witnessed the police brutality towards a lady who was arrested. Recently, a 22-years old man identified only as Theo was assaulted by the policemen as they were checking identity cards (The Guardian, 2015). These cases bring into the light the considerable growth and expansion of “Police brutality” in France.

In the USA Police Have Killed More Americans than Terrorists (DontComply, 2016). According to the Guardian, Black Americans are more likely to be killed in comparison with the Native Americans. The blacks are twice likely to be unarmed when shot by the police compared to the white-skinned.

I will tell you why you should start to stand against police brutality. Martin Luther King Jr said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. He was right.

Black Liberation Army

In the 70’s an organization named the Black Army liberation was created, and their primary goal was to fight police brutality and give freedom and power to black people. This group killed white cops as well as innocent white people, and to finance its actions; its members carried out a series of terrorist attack, robberies, and prison break. Imagine the mess...Imagine if this organization arises again... Imagine a group of Black guys who comes to your city and suddenly shoot and kill only white people to revenge. I don’t think you would like to live in this kind of world.

When protesters set fire to the streets, break roads, stores, and many other things. It is citizens who pay to cover all the damages. Police misconduct costs nearly 2 billion of dollars to taxpayers per year in the USA (Copcrisis, 2017). This huge amount of money could have been better used for other reasons such schooling, social security recipient, housing assistance, employment and so on... Money could be saved for better use.

Police brutality will never stop if we don’t protest, take legal action, and record police. The last solution is the most important “record police.” Today we have the smartphone and the Internet everywhere, and everyone can record everything, so police officer brutality. They cannot lie or hide evidence easily like they used to. Let me give you a proof.

A young man identified as Luis Paulino was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing a government official, but all charges were dropped after a video posted online shows police officers beat him just because he saw them beating another young black man. Fortunately, people recorded that moment. The victim said without this video there would not have been anything but his word against 15 polices officers (edition CNN, 2014).

How to stop police brutality essay

You may not know, but you have the right to film the police officer, especially when they act badly. If you are not interfering with a legitimate operation, they do not have the right to stop you from recording them or watching what you've been recording without a warrant.

Paul Callan, a lawyer who is in court several times a week said that the existence of cell phone video and social media postings has helped to reduce police brutality.

So this how we must fight, protest, take legal action, and most important record, because you can save a life.http://edition.cnn.com/2014/11/18/us/police-cell-phone-videos/


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