Free Essay with Poem Analysis: Pride and Prejudice: Tintern Abbey

Published: 2017-08-02
Free Essay with Poem Analysis: Pride and Prejudice: Tintern Abbey
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The poem depicted cases of pride and prejudice that are applicable to the contemporary world. William Wordsworth expressed his feelings about Abbey and his return to the area as one that is welcoming and full of potential of growth. The persona had a fixed mind that the place was as good as he thought, thoughts of more deep seclusions (Wordsworth, p.33, 1994)

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The adoption of this claim lies in the notion that people tend to think positively about their places of origin and hometowns. It is common to find people defending something of their own just because it is familiar to them. In addition, the person is likely to give supportive reasons to that effect.

The work of William Wordsworth holds meaning within the current society in several dimensions. Along these lines, we find that the persona talks about nature and how kind it may be. The prejudice behind the representation of nature was explored, My dear, dear Sister! And this prayer I make knowing that nature never did betray (Wordsworth, p.34, 1994).

The character has confidence in his childhood and how his mother brought him up. His father is also concerned about his well-being. The character is proud of the environment he was raised in. As a result, this gave him the intellectual capacity and the ability to deal with difficult situations.

The application of this type of upbringing is necessary for the contemporary society. This is because the current generation is faced with so many challenges, ranging from social media adverse effects to drug addiction. Having a parent that is able to shield you from all this means that you will be able to develop positively.

The writer, William Wordsworth considered, in his poem the application of sensitive issues that affect the growth of irresponsible youngsters into responsible young adults. He also included the major players that would make sure that the plan worked

The author presented the poem to serve the situation of his sister. We found that he came up with new ideas that made his work unique.

The work of William Wordsworth has varied interpretations because of the extensive use of imagery and vivid descriptions. This aids in retention of the main message in the mind of the reader.


Wordsworth, W. (1994)

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