Free Essay on the Personal Dream Journal

Published: 2018-09-14
Free Essay on the Personal Dream Journal
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In my two-week journal on dreams, I clearly remember three dreams I had. On one occasion, I had just slept after a heavy meal in the evening. Soon after going to bed, I dreamt that I was getting out of work at around 4.00 PM. After getting out of the office door in the third floor, I looked at the streets and saw that people were walking faster than usual. As I remember, I entered the elevator and instantly found myself on the ground floor. The streets were noisy, but nobody spoke with another. The noise was emanating from monologues that people had in silence. Surprisingly, I was able to hear what all those people were thinking, which generated a lot of incomprehensible noise. The dream was in color, and all the scenes appeared as if from a daily life event. Confused, I suddenly woke when one of the people said bombs and tanks.

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In another dream, I was seated on the couch watching TV. I was actually seated on the couch watching TV one Sunday afternoon when I caught some sleep. In the dream, I saw my dog, Diesel, take the remote and switched on an animal channel. I was not surprised because I thought that Diesel was becoming intelligent as time went by. In fact, he smiled at me while changing the channel and I smiled back. As we were seated there with Diesel watching the animal channel, I noticed that all the animals in the television were communicating in English. Diesel could make telephone calls to the animal in the television and give his opinions on various animal matters. Soon, I was seated on the ground while Diesel poured himself coffee from my china jug. As Diesel was pouring a second cup of coffee, some spilled on me, and I woke up due to the heat of the coffee. On waking up, I found myself sitting the floor. I was so confused on waking up. My nap had lasted for one hour and the program I had been watching before I slept was long over.

Our company had organized for a seminar on computer security for one week. In the seminar, several speakers talked about computer viruses in length. On one night in the course of the week, I dreamt that there was an attack of computer viruses on people. I dreamt that computer viruses were collaborating with human viruses to annihilate the human race out of the world. In my dream, I saw people suffering from horrible diseases caused by mutant viruses. I was woken up by a 3.00AM alarm and the dream was cut short.

According to Freud's dream analysis, all my dreams are a manifestation of the latent content. In the first dream, the manifest content included people, busy streets and the mention of bombs and tanks. This dream was a conscious expression of latent thoughts about the possibility of a terrorist attack on American soil. The second dream was a manifestation of my recent thought on the concept of natural balance. I had been thinking that animals are unfairly treated by humans which should not be the case. In fact, I had been fitting myself in the animal world to see and feel how animal do when they interact with humans. After the seminar on computer virus, I kept on thinking how the world would be if intelligent computer viruses launched an attack on human beings. The thought was absurd, but the stories about human virus like Ebola and Influenza sounded too dreadful that I thought about viruses all the time.

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