Essay Sample on Emerging Technological Trend

Published: 2022-12-15
Essay Sample on Emerging Technological Trend
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Technological advancements have become a constant feature in the contemporary world where innovation and invention leads to the emergence of technology trends. Some of the emerging technological trends that are gaining traction around the world include the internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, wearable technologies, blockchain, fifth generation (5G) networks, and 3D-printing among others. These technologies have been game changers in the organizations that apply them for production purposes or other assorted functionalities that are suitable for each entity. There is a wide range of benefits that can be derived from the use of such technologies, not to mention the unlimited ways through which they can be applied to solve everyday challenges that face the society.

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Drones are a relatively new phenomenon outside of military use by government's various security agencies. However, the trends has changed in favor of the civilian world where drones are being allowed to be utilized by organizations (Faust, 2015). As a worker in the healthcare industry, there is no denying that drones bring a myriad of benefits that bring positive outcomes to the patients and other stakeholders involved in the industry. Although tightly regulated by government authorities due to their vulnerability to being misused, drones have a vast array of applications in which they can be utilized to bring reprieve and relief to the affected patients. Organizations have been quick to embrace the drone technology due to the convenience that they avail in the execution of different functions. Drones have been touted to be the future of providing goods and services to the public in an easy, fast, and cost-effective manner.

The application of drone technology within any healthcare organization will help a great deal in improving the efficiency of the entity's operations. One way that that the technology helps in this regard is to save on time. Time is a scarce resource and the drones will help in reducing the time taken to deliver crucial services (Hakala, 2018). Then there is also the fact that less manpower would be required to work on the responsibilities that would be assigned to the drones. They are easy to operate with a remote control by a single individual or two at most. The entity can also save on costs in that fewer personnel and saved time all point towards reduced expenses and other overhead costs. Lastly, the drone technology is flexible enough to reach far-flung areas or regions that are deemed to be remote and inaccessible.

Drone technology has a myriad of applications especially within the healthcare industry. One of them is that the technology can contribute significantly to the number of lives saved in long distance areas, especially in time of emergencies. Natural distastes and another man-made catastrophes will be easier to manage through the use of drones here the most affected people will be rushed to the nearest health facilities. The other widespread application of the drone technology is that it will immensely help with the delivery of urgent or sensitive medical supplies. Donated blood or urgent medical supplies and instruments can be delivered expeditiously thus improving the health outcomes of individuals and the healthcare entities. Healthcare facilities that serve remote populations are also likely to benefit from drone technology whenever it is used to interact with other players in the healthcare industry.

On a personal note, I lack the relevant practical experience that is required to operate drones. This is partly due to the tight control and regulations that govern the use of private drones that are away from the government security agencies. However, I believe this is not a big challenge because the technology comes with readily available manual and instructions that would help in training me and bringing me up to speed on the basics and essentials of operating a drone. There are various industries, organizations, and countries that have initiated the employment of drone technology in their healthcare operations. This would come in handy to serve as templates that would help me learn about the technology in a faster rate. Internet research would also avail critical information on how to operate drones.

As already mentioned, the application of drone technology within the healthcare industry is expected to bring with it a raft of benefits that will make the operations of the healthcare organization more efficient. The organization stakeholders, especially the direct customers to the healthcare organization, will benefit from these efficiencies through improved health outcomes. Drones help in reducing the time taken to deliver crucial medical instruments or drugs to healthcare facilities that are away from the urban areas that have readily available infrastructure. They will also help the healthcare entity to save on costs due to the reduction in the number of personnel require to execute the functions that have already been allocated to the drones. The overall ability to help save lives in the shortest time possible is a remarkable improvement in efficiency and patient outcomes.


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