Neomarxism Essay Example for Everyone

Published: 2018-05-29
Neomarxism Essay Example for Everyone
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Neomarxism Definition

Neomarxism is one a term that has been used in the twentieth century to explain more about the Marxist theory and principle. Ideally, Karl propagated for communism in his Marxism ideas. He presupposes that states should develop a sense of communism and have public sharing of national resources. Neomarxism, on the other hand, is more of the Marxism theory, but then some bits of intellectual tradition have been incorporated into it. Neomarxism adds some sense of social inequity to the broader context of Marxism idea. This paper seeks to review Neomarxism with regards to some articles that talk about the same issue.

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As seen in the article, the issue of gender equality has been of great concern, especially in the political institutions. The article asserts that there ought to be gender sensitive regulations established to ensure that women are also gaining access to some of the privileges that their male counterparts are enjoying in the political sector. With the communism idea propagated in the Marxism theory agitating for sharing of natural resources, the women too want to have their fair share. The other article also argues that feminism and Marxism are two ideas that are complementary and can work in rather a two-way traffic with each other. For ideal feminism to be practiced or exercised in society, there needs to be a transformation in the way with which Marxism is viewed.

The Marxism idea advocated for equitable sharing or resources through communism principle. Neomarxism enlightens on the same but a broader context, and as seen in the two articles, it talks about social and gender equality for all. By this, it implores that women too need to be subjected to equal treatment just as men.

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