Essay Sample on Managing Transformation at National Computer Operations

Published: 2022-05-05
Essay Sample on Managing Transformation at National Computer Operations
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In the modern world, many organizations are fighting hard to bring important changes in the way they function and operate (Stulberg & Salomone, 2016). For many years, the firms have struggled with the increasing competition by establishing enhancements to various processes and functions. In the mini case, NCO (national computer operations) grants computerized support services but operates within a monopoly in the United Kingdom banking organization. Over time, the company has enjoyed superfluity money with a limited focus on consumers. Finnvold realized that the banking system is exposing their computerized services to a massive competing market and NCO should be free to compete globally. To compete favorably, the organization requires restructuring its functions and processes. The bank's representative has to ensure that NCO administrative adopts the consumers' perspectives.

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Question 1

First, the chairman should start by chairing a conference with the management committee to establish a fresh vision and strategy for the organization. Then have the administrative discuss with their staff on issues affecting the company and their resolutions. After the discussion, the managers should focus on becoming a consumer-oriented organization. In the next two years, the organization should ensure that they grow a complete strategy to entice their consumers to contract with the firm once the banking system opens to various vendors. The manager has to take into account the stock of what requires changing such as the budgeting and cost-effectiveness, company's culture, consumers' preferences and the low responsiveness attitude. Altering the firm's function and operations as well as responding to the current market reverses the challenges faced by NCO and offer value to the consumers while conserving a solvent foundation.

Question 2

The current NCO firm can be characterized as a functional organization. This is attributed to the fact that all the firm's managers did not focus on the effectiveness as a measure of productivity rather than the functional domain. In the mini case, Kapok stated that the more individuals' one had to work in his or her favor the more likely they became to be promoted (Saini & Khurana, 2015). Finnvoid has to change all this by ensuring that the organization focuses on the responses of market forces. Additionally, he has to change the budgets and the expenditures to ensure all the money is objected towards a particular function.

Question 3

In the current NCO structure, the high expenditure attitude of consumers is a negative influence on worker behavior as it leads to resentment on client's part of the function in the banking system and ultimately, the resentment graduate into complete rebellion. Additionally, the managers did not focus on the value perspective of consumers a situation which made workers believe that they were not working for the customers. As the structure change, the workers will have a sense that money is an object and service is the main consideration. On the other hand, the alterations will ensure that the management perceives internal customers as consumers and they are a similar department in the banking system.

Question 4

To develop an effective pay-for-performance compensation NCO should invest money, time and effect in the execution and design (Bratianu, 2015). An efficient pay for performance structure will need a well-performing analysis system and the administration that is willing to utilize it appropriately. NCO should use the sales bonus as the pay for performance compensations for mid-level managers. This strategy will ensure that the managers are paid after archiving the set and beyond targets. The bonus plan should be created on a monthly basis to ensure high productivity of managers. This recommendation objects to improve the sale numbers and enhance customers' preference in NCO Company.


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