Leadership Journal - Essay Sample

Published: 2018-06-18
Leadership Journal - Essay Sample
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Effective Leadership

Organizational challenges are universal, and each organization faces challenges. However, the way it handles its challenges separates it from their organizations. Team leaders need to come up with several ways in which they could handle problems by considering opinions from everyone without discrimination.

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Teamwork promotes cooperation between individuals and creates good relation. With teamwork, a group can be able to attain its goals with ease as compared to people working alone.

An effective team is one that has the capacity to achieve its targets and objectives by considering the efforts of each member of the group. An efficient team has excellent communication skills, and the leader offers a compliment on good work done and points out on negativity without making members lose confidence.

The characteristic of the person leading the group is a significant factor. Communication allows each individual to share their opinions and views thus fostering cooperation. The way the leader handles conflict is also paramount to having an effective teamwork. Forming simple clear goals allows individuals to follow them with ease.

Coming up with an effective leadership requires a leader to build a strong relationship with the team members. The manager needs to explain the importance of teamwork in regards to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. The leader needs to come up with ground rules that would guide the team members to avoid conflicts or laxity.

Motivation is essential for an organization to achieve its goals. The environment in which the team members operate from needs to be safe, clean and inviting. The team members should be given opportunity to develop themselves. Leaders should not punish failure; rather they should offer ways of countering failure without tainting the confidence of team members. Leaders need to form clear goals that do not confuse employees.

What I've Learned From The Session: The Effective Team Leader

I have gained in-depth knowledge on various aspects of becoming an effective team leader. Firstly, I have to become goal oriented to ensure that I lead significant changes in the area of concern that I have been issued. Making changes must include the involvement of all team members and assisting them to understand the objective and value of the change. As a result, teamwork planning is vital in the realization of the set goal and objectives. The practice includes issuing different duties to team members and coming up with SMART goals that will guide and lead to the achievement of competent results.

The SMART goals have provided me as a leader with the comprehension of investing in a setting that is specific, measurable, attainable, and reasonable and time- bound. These qualities are important in a group setting because they make certain that the objective has been chosen professionally, is meaningful, agreed upon, and are results oriented. Finally, it should be time-bound to ensure that the results are realized within the stipulated period. As a leader, managing a team requires time management because some of the members may not be efficiently productive. Consequently, time management is one of the significant qualities of a team leader.

Finally, I have also learnt the practices of strategic planning and motivational approaches to assist the team. Strategy planning includes providing actual, competent and realistic proposals that will ensure the success of the group. The practice will also help in cases of competition between different groups. Motivating the group members is important to improve productivity and can be done through word of mouth, gifts, remuneration and promotions among others. Motivation boosts individual spirits; hence, contributing to confidence and improved productivity.

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