Information Technology in Nursing - Free Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-16
Information Technology in Nursing - Free Essay Example
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To be competent with the quality improvement methods and be able to monitor the outcomes of the care processes, I have to understand how to use data available with the help of technology. I have to know how to manipulate the available data to fit the current scenario as well as feeding new information and the results that I get while providing my services. This will ensure that caregivers do not depend on outdated information, but they have to keep on improving as the new need arises. Teamwork is a major factor when it comes to CQI. Hence I have to learn how to collaborate with my colleagues on developing excellent communication skills and having a mutual respect (HCPro, 2017). This will ensure that we can come up with the best decision by engaging in shared decision-making process that will help in the provision of high-quality care. I have to acquire knowledge of strategies to minimize the chances of causing harm to the patients as well as the other care providers (Llewellyn, 2014). This is through ensuring that the systems are efficient as well as recognizing the performance of every individual and delivering service tailored for the individual patient.

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I have gain knowledge that will enable me to use information technology to communicate, alleviate errors, manage knowledge, and engage in decision-making process. This can be achieved by being ready learn and acquire new skills, embrace the new technology as it keeps on changing every time. I have to be able to design and test changes to improve the safety and quality of health within my organization as well as the whole healthcare sector ("Continuous Quality Improvement | National Commission on Correctional Health Care," 2017). Lastly, I have to understand that care should be client-centered such that he/she should be the sources of control over his body. The caregivers should collaborate with the patient in deciding the best healthcare services to administer to him/her.


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