Krudas Cubensi - Free Essay Containing Songs Analysis

Published: 2018-06-22
Krudas Cubensi - Free Essay Containing Songs Analysis
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Immigrants in "Mi Cuerpo Es Mio" and "Cuba los Pairsanos" songs

The song is released by independent musicians, poets as well as theater performers. The main message that the song conveys to the world is the strength of the immigrants, the women and queer people of color through action as the main part of the world change. The song is a voice to the oppressed people as it highlights the struggles of the Afro-Latin people. It also helps in shouting out the challenges that women face in the society. The song is also meant to encourage all the targeted audience that they have the power within their hands to make their future what they wish for. The song also has a meaning of telling everybody to have confidence in them despite their origin. My body is a phrase repeated in the song to stress the need to be confidence in which you are and to realize your self-potential.

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The song Cuba los Pairsanos is a hip hop song by it is highly educative and integrates a lot of concepts and thus very useful in the current global dynamic music industry. The Cuban hip-hop is unique and comprises of socially crap. Despite the mixed reaction, it continues to develop an edgy socialist rap. The only issue the group is facing regards being a replica of the American exile in Cuba who was accorded the title with the aim of making money with gangster rap and party rap. The music highlights issues on war, racism as well as environmental pollution. However, there is the element commercialization that has incepted in. Just like any other song, these songs have been warmly received mainly because of the content they exhibit. This paper compares and trusts the correlation between, Cuba los Pairsanos and "Mi Cuerpo Es Mio,"

Discrimination against minorities in Mi Cuerpo Es Mio"

Both the two songs are great as there is great vocalization. Vocalization refers to the communication speech using the human voice. One can easily comprehend the message that both the artists were trying to pass across in the songs. In the song, "Mi Cuerpo Es Mio," there is a smooth flow of lyrics from the beginning to the end. The song starts by introducing the main issue of oppression in the minorities. It starts with a low tone then rises to a firm tone with a hard voice that something has to be done regarding the present situation. As the song ends, there is a powerful voice trying to urge everybody to stand for who they are no matter the circumstance to bring out the best in them. This means that different tones have been used in different parts of the song to pass the message more clearly. This is the visualization in the song and has been achieved. In the song, CUBA Los Pairsanos: "Hip Hop," the flow of rhythm has been achieved. The song that starts with a breaking dance has tried to vocalize the words in the song so as to sustain the vowel sounds as well as all the syllable of each word that the artist has used in the song. The tone quality of the song Hip-Hop is superb as there is variation in tones. Just like in the song, "Mi Cuerpo Es Mio," the message can easily be comprehended by any listener. It is, therefore, clear that both the two songs have a good musical flow that can help the listener comprehend the message.

Instrumental accompaniment in songs

These songs portray some degree of similarity with regards to different concepts, for instance, their vocalization and production are highly similar. Essentially, musical accompaniment is the vocal parts that provide harmonic and rhythmic support for the main theme or melody of an instrumental piece or song. In the song CUBA Los Paisanos: "Hip Hop which is essentially a musical style that combines rap and hip hop as can be heard from the beats have embraced acoustic instruments. In the song there is no particular instrument visibly being used. However, beats, as well as percussion tracks, can be heard which must have been created through beat boxing. The beats could also have been produced by traditional percussion like Cuban box drums. Similarly, on the other hand in the song Mi Cuerpo Es Mio," the use of instruments can be seen from the onset of the song unlike in Cuba Los Paisanos song. In Mi Cuerpo Es Mio," there is the use of drum sets which are used to create a melody. A clear vocal melody has been used and is supported by the use of subordinate chords. Furthermore, the drum set provides the beats for the music as well as outlines the chord progression of the song. From both songs, it is clear that both artists integrated the use of instruments accompaniments in their songs. However, the use of instruments is more profound on the song Mi Cuerpo Es Mio," as compared to Cuba Los Paisanos as instruments can be seen to have been incorporated in Mi Cuerpo Es Mio," unlike in Mi Cuerpo Es Mio," where the instruments are not visible, however, can be heard to have been incorporated.

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