Free Essay Example on Business Processes

Published: 2022-07-08
Free Essay Example on Business Processes
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a. Business Functions and Processes

Business practices and functions tend to be concerned with the establishment of workable priorities. Business impact analysis depends on a business' tasks and functions for the proper workability of the facility (Becker, Kugeler & Rosemann, 2013). A business entrepreneur has to gather relevant data to come up with a proper business impact analysis that can drive the structure into a profitable organization. The performance of all tasks is supposed to allude to time consciousness as a tool for ensuring that a business achieves its objectives and profit plan.

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b. BIA Scenarios and Components

BIA requires a set of components which are not limited to immediate high-level restoration that is a fundamental requirement to the foundation. Medium level function fir BIA scenarios and components tend to portray that it does not need an immediate restoration (Salmela, 2016). The consequences of business impact analysis analyze the possibility of a company arriving at the failure to perform. The failure to perform on high-level functions is usually determined to cater to ways possible to minimize the system's failure. In case the low function is recorded for 31 days and above, the program ends up in default mode (Becker et al., 2013). Therefore, the function can end up being delayed for some time to the point where the operating environment gets restored back to normal.

c. The Impact of Finance and the Components Available

Finance and probability of good acquiring good service is another factor to consider. In most cases, the recipients usually pay for services directly. Business impact analysis is required to estimate the normal revenue stream which is mostly lost due to disruptions alongside the business' operations (Torabi, Soufi, & Sahebjamnia, 2014). There should be an estimation of the outcome cash flow in the long-run of after taxes or during the calculation of taxes.

d. Recovery Time Frameworks

A business' continuity risks are usually associated with a particular source which is mostly affected by immediate cause. Also, the continuity risks are usually associated with assessment and examination which is as a result of recovery time frameworks (Torabi et al., 2014). Even though recovery time is mostly associated with the success of a business, the level of interdependencies must be considered by all possible business planners (Torabi et al., 2014). For that matter, the shutdown of a particular building can result in challenges associated with the business activities which are usually set up in a closed building.

2. Describe the Methods Required to Determining Component Dependencies and Reliance

a. Component Dependencies

Component dependency is a process that is used in determining a business' efficiency in arriving at its set profit-making goals (Torabi et al., 2014). The expectations of upcoming events make business organizations and planners ensure that the business impact analysis is done to uphold appropriate approaches required in expanding businesses in line with the information systems infrastructure. An organization's information system is required to be secure to ensure that there is a robust platform for enhancing the security of the system as a way of reducing the impact of a problem in the information systems. The departments which are involved in determining the component dependencies are processing, management of security and human resources. Role-playing is the core of enhancing component dependencies. For instance, all employees are served according to the payroll in the following manner (Torabi et al., 2014). The employees receive their payrolls; the manufacturer finishes the goods through a proper effective machine. Then the marketing department distributes the goods in other places in different varieties and various locations. The IT department works as a critical department which is depended upon by the business for the security of employees' data.

b. The Resources Required to Ensure that BIA Recovers Component in the Event of Failure

Business impact analysis tends to minimize threats and risks through various approaches. The operations management engages in approaches that enhance security by setting new equipment and replacing the equipment that is faulty (Salmela, 2016). The facility ensures that it uses equipment which is resistant to mild damage in case a disaster happens. The IT security team employs qualified personnel to work on the information system threats.

c. The Human Assets That Are Needed to Recover Components

The number of teams varies according to the size of the company and the structure of the facility. The personnel needed to enhance the security of the system depends on the responsibilities that are present in the facility (Salmela, 2016). There is the need to identify the team members' authority before identifying the team tasks amid members' roles and possible responsibilities. Personnel unavailability may lead to multi-tasking teams before carrying out cross-team training.

3. Recommendations for the Development of the BIA personnel and Management

A good BIA should be affiliated with alternate facilities. For instance, a cold site is an alternative facility that needs to be made available (Salmela, 2016). There is the need to install proper equipment and working on furnishing before carrying out time operations and enhancing site functionality. Since cold sites are least expensive, the BIA should adopt it to improve the affordability of the functions.


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