Essay Example about Team Goals

Published: 2022-04-20
Essay Example about Team Goals
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I am excited to be part of the team. I have always been excited to work in a communication firm. I am determined to working work together with the rest of the team members towards ensuring that we achieve the set goals and objectives.

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The goals of the team are to increase the organization's profitability, improve the quality of work and win back lost customers. One of the goals of the team is to help increase the profits of the company by doubling the current profits in one year. The team should work towards ensuring that the quality of services offered in the organization are high and enhances customer satisfaction. The team should also ensure that they can attract back lost customers to acquire the services of the organization through enquiring what the customers want and what should be rectified to fulfill their needs.

Some of the barriers that could be encountered include communication breakdowns, lack of adequate plans and lack of managerial involvement. Poor communication within the team can cause misunderstanding within the team members resulting in conflict. This result in a breakdown which inhibits the development of the team .Lack of adequate plans is a barrier towards achieving the set goals. Lack of clear responsibilities of each team members may hinder the team from achieving the set goals as they may all end up doing the same tasks. Lack of managerial involvement is also a barrier towards achieving the set goals. The ability to create an effective teamwork atmosphere is threatened if the manager does not monitor what the team members are doing to correct where they do not perform as expected (Doyle, 2008).

To achieve the set goals the team should establish working rules which include conducting periodic progress check-ins, motivating the team members who do better and accomplish their tasks on time with rewards and ensuring that every team member does not come late to work or leave early before the set time.

One of the conflict management strategies is getting to the root of the problem. This is by giving the parties involved in the conflict a chance to explain themselves to better understand the core issue and be in a better position of resolving the conflict. Teaching employees to appreciate their differences is also the other strategy of dealing with conflict. This is through the implementation of a diversity program that will assist in preventing future conflicts from occurring. Finding common ground is also a strategy that can be used to deal with conflict. This help in rebuilding the relationship within the team and creating a problem-solving platform (De Dreu, Evers, Beersma, Kluwer, & Nauta, 2001).


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Doyle, J. (2008). Barriers and facilitators of multidisciplinary team working: a review.

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