Free Essay on Medical Policy and Claims Payment

Published: 2023-01-26
Free Essay on Medical Policy and Claims Payment
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Health benefits vary in different states across the globe. How health care providers can attend to respective populations are determined by the medical covers and policies present in the modern world. The policies and claim payment procedures have different perspectives based on an individual affected by a respective plan. This work will provide a precise analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of such policies in the medical sectors.

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Medical policies and claims payment help the modern-day patient to cater for their respective treatments cost more quickly as the medical insurance covers help separate clients and patients enjoy benefits which enable them to afford treatment procedures that are deemed expensive. Such covers help families provide treatment for critical illnesses which would have been strenuous when raising separate medical charges demanded by healthcare providers. Conditions such as cancer are expensive to treat hence medical policies from insurance and claim services enable families and individuals to be able to meet the required payment plans formulated by respective health care providers. Lifestyle-related illnesses are on the rise in the modern world; hence such policies help separate individuals and families cater for such medical expenses that can be treated cheaply once one is covered by a specific medical coverage policy. This clearly shows the crucial role such systems benefit respective individuals in affording expensive medical charges.


The cost for these medical covers is expensive in a way that low-income earners may struggle to enjoy the claim payments as despite being employed, they may be forced to contribute a majority of their incomes to fund these covers hence making it hard for them to progress financially in life properly. Despite such policies benefiting individuals when making claim payments and covers for medical services, families may struggle to cater for the entire family especially if it is significant as the costs may be entirely expensive hence make things hard for families to provide for such covers. Definite medical covers may also be a disadvantage as it may fail to cover for individuals with health insurance; hence, one may feel to meet the expected costs incurred for tests or even surgeries. This might lead to an individual to pay for expensive medical services leading to some absconding these costly payments, which may lead to worsening of the following medical condition leading to death in some cases. Hence this clearly shows how such medical policies may negatively affect respective individuals in claiming their payments and separate covers. Despite such plans being beneficial in catering for medical expenses, they may turn out to be expensive, leaving families to struggle in making the payments hence existing as a financial burden to respective families. Thus, a family may prefer fewer children or even prefer having one child to avoid extra costs incurred from medical covers and healthcare providers.


Medical policies and payment claims are good initiatives for the society as they enable individuals to receive quality affordable treatment. However, government policies should focus on ways in which such covers and payments can be reduced to ensure all members of the community can afford and enjoy the benefits of such services. This will enable the society to adequately address healthcare concerns through the medical policies that can cover the entire population irrespective of how much one earns.

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