Essay Example on Relationship between Each Piece of Intelligence Legislation

Published: 2022-11-14
Essay Example on Relationship between Each Piece of Intelligence Legislation
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The role of communication plays an inevitable network in our daily lives. Millions of Americans that made use of the system to carry out their business transaction and communication through their telephone and the use of the internet every day, however, history has shown that powerful network has the potential impose to physical destruction. On like crime, that is present in our physical world, such as crimes that are committed through the use of the internet. This form of corruption has also provided some clues and evidence that after studies, have provided some evidence such as the blueprint to stop future crime. As the sophistication increased and the use of communication systems reacted between law enforcement. Just like crime in the world, computer networks make use of evidence that they studied so that they will be able to familiarize on the platforms. The purpose of this section is to provide a brief history of the relationship between each piece of intelligence legislation: the USA Patriot Act.

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In the United States in this 21st century, Surveillance The security of a nation is promoted by the provision of the secretary of justification, in an armed country establishment. (McElreath, D. H., el at 2017). There are the departments with the section of the Armed forces, the Section of the Navy, and the Section of Air Force. Through Government assistance that is concerned with national security. And they have passed the Assembly and the House of Legislatures of the US. in the Parliament assembled.

Coordination for national security

General security

At this moment the recognition of a national assembly that should be presiding by the president of the USA over the assembly meeting. (Kraft, M. B., & Marks, E. 2016) The role of the committee will be to counsel the president concerning the integration of national, armed policies about national security and foreign intelligence.

Central Intelligence Agency

There is at this moment established national security assembly that is the fundamental intelligence Agency that is directed by the vital intelligence. And that the director will be appointed by the sitting head of state, with the consent and advice from the Senates.

National Security Resources Board

There is at this moment recognized by the national safety Resources board, which is chairman by the board and the heads of the representative from different executive departments that are independent agencies to meet time after time at the president chosen.

Secretary of Defense

In attendance will be the administrator of Security, who appointed after the citizen lifecycle by the presence. By and through the help and advice of the Assembly, if that individual who has been working for the past ten years of active duty, as a selected officer in a steady module of the armed service will not be eligible for selection as the secretary of Defense?

The National Military Establishment

Founding the Nationwide Army Formation

This moment recognized of the National Soldierly Establishment, and administrator of protection will be the head. (Ortmeier, P. J. 2017). The general army formation shall contain the section of Army, the Division Fleet, and Division of Air force, composed all interventions that generated from this act

Secretary of Defense

Their shells are an administrator of protection that is selected from citizen life by the head of state, by with the guidance and agreement of the Assembly.

Military Assistants to the Administrator

Services armed private aides should assist it to the administrator to Defense, and he will not create fighting to operate.

Civilian personnel

  1. The administrator of security is legal to engage the private life not to go beyond three singular supporters to advise and contribute in the routine of his obligations.
  2. The administrator of Protection is legal to public service laws and the Organization Performance of 1923.

Department of the Army

  1. In this section of way will be elected there Constituent part of Military, and designation by the administrator to the conflict will change the administrator of the Military.
  2. All laws, instructions, guidelines and others activities that are linking to the section of the way or the principal or action whose title different under this unit shall in so far as they are not unreliable with the provision of that Act.

Department of the navy

  1. The term "section of the navy "as used in this Act shall be construed to mean the section of the navy at the chair of the regime.
  2. In common the US Navy, inside the Section of the Fleet shall include naval combat and facility armies and such flying as may be biological within.

Department of the Air Force

  1. Inside the of national armed Institution, here is at this moment recognized a decision-making section to be identified as the Section of the Air Force, an administrator of the Air Force, and a secretary of the Air Force (Suarez, S. 2017).
  2. Fragment 158 on Reviewed acts is edited to contain the section of the Air Force, and the provision of so abundant to label IV of Reviewed Laws currently or henceforth revised is not unreliable by the Act shall apply to the section of Air Force.


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