Free Essay about Community Life

Published: 2018-10-22
Free Essay about Community Life
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Civil rights in the life of the community

Civil rights enhance full participation in the life of the community; however, it demands opposite things from the ruling government (Morone, James A, and Rogan Kersh). The rights and liberties of individuals within the community are weighted concerning the safety of the majority.

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Rather than continually create differences amongst individuals, civil liberties are vital in enhancing harmonization within the community set up. The capacity of the government to make rulings about civil liberties is an attempt to save the republic. Despite the fact that the decision arrived at might deprive the rights of the majority, illustrating equality is vital to sideline unrest. For example, the decision by the government to ban segregation might be detrimental to the Whites who feel their liberties have been infringed (Morone, James A, and Rogan Kersh). However, this move saves the republic whereby equality is restored enhancing both parties to participate fully in the life of the community.

Federal and state governments

Significantly, the bill of rights clearly articulates the rights and freedom of every citizen, an aspect that ought to be considered (Morone, James A, and Rogan Kersh). Both the federal and state governments must uphold these rights to exercise parity within the society. This aspect enables the Americans to keep the republic. However, a particular decision by the government might be directed to acknowledge the rights of the majority while sidelining the minority groups. For instance, the U.S seeks to protect the citizens’ rights to safety thus issued the travel advisory on seven countries. To the native citizens, this is a move to curb the escalation of terrorism. On the other hand, the Muslims feel their rights to freedom has been stripped off. Despite the vast differences emanating from both parties, this is an attempt to save the republic.

The capacity to ensure that both the federal and state governments uphold the civil liberties is an attempt to exercise social equality. Despite the fact that decision arrived in the past has often obscured the rights of other groups, significant incorporation of phrases in the bill of rights highlights a vital move towards attaining democracy.

Work Cited

Morone, James A, and Rogan Kersh. By The People; Debating American Government, Brief Edition. 2nd ed., 2013.

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