Comparison Essay Sample on Two Art Works - Burial at Arnans and The Maid

Published: 2019-06-19
Comparison Essay Sample on Two Art Works - Burial at Arnans and The Maid
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Each and every art has a meaning. However, it may differ from a variety of paintings but the main idea lies in the target group. Today, there are loads of paintings that portray a certain culture, history, or even the economic state of society. Most of the artwork styles have been related to neoclassical paintings but it does not mean impressionism is in any way connected to symbols of personal feelings of either the artists or the viewers. Impressionists are guided by their feelings on what they are supposed to draw or paint. Moreover, they relied much on the environment as well as peoples daily activities. Artists would be forced to paint or even take images by their current situation or even the situation of the overall society. In some cases, they would face challenges from people who misunderstood their intentions; such cases affected their operations but it did not kill their spirit. As a result, some of the artists were sentenced and some jailed like Gustave Courbet who was convicted due to his A Burial at Arnans art. To understand artistic paintings, it will be important to compare two paintings in the art institute; Burial at Arnans by Gustave Courbet and the maid by Francois Bonvin.

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The two arts try to portray the lives of the middle class individuals. In the burial at Arnans, Courbet uses the judge, mayor, a priest, women mourners and the two red-robbed beadles. The challenge, he does not reveal who is being buried. It seems most people in the Arnans society were experiencing a form of difficulties as they tried to survive. On the maid the artist uses a woman who is standing beside a table holding bread. The two painting wants to show the lives common people were living. The titles of the two paintings also reveal the main idea and the intention of the painter. Moreover, it is clearly shown that in both paintings the painters are experiencing some form of problems that force them to act, not indirectly but through a way that all people with sensitive minds can understand.

In addition, both arts show off women in a situation of worry and confusion. In both societies that form the setting of the paintings, women suffer most. In the burial at Arnans women are shown in the mode of mourning while in the maid a woman stands beside a table holding the bread. Most probably, the woman is the maid. However, the two artist aims at showing their main objective by addressing the lives of common people and more how the rich mistreated the poor. It due to the fore mentioned reason why most artists want to paint their photos in a way that they look real as possible.

Both the maid and the burial at Arnans can be referred to as impressionists art rather than academic art. Both artists refer to nature and the current events that take place in their society. As a result, they use their feelings to express the proof of their times. The realism of the maid portrays from the fact that the artist wanted to address how women experienced hardship. It was from his point of view that he felt it essential to liberate women. Since he could not have done so by confronting the authorities, he painted an image that indirectly gave them the urge to act. On the other hand, the burial at Arnans which led to the prosecution of Courbet does not directly show the one who is buried. The society was deteriorating in morals and hence Courbet could not have withstood the reality of the whole matter. To the authority, Courbet was mobilizing people to demonstrate but they never took time to understand what he was trying to communicate.

A comparison can also be seen in the real painting and the fact that both artists used brushwork to reveal and express the reality. Most people who bought the maid, it is due to its scene that seemed real and lively. Moreover, Bonvin wanted to exercise humanity as well as imposing the feeling to people. It was the only way of letting people understands his painting. Guided by his spirit of helping working poor individuals, he could not afford to lose track while painting. Therefore, he would make his painting as smooth as possible. Courbet also adapted to the same channel, he would concentrate as much as possible only to ensure there is reality in his work. It is the same reason that he got himself to problems with the authority. They understood the reality in his work but they never wanted to help. As a result, his paintings were full of nobodies but on the same time it was like a symbolism that revealed real people. Courbets art captured the attention of majority people even though he was considered a crime.

On the contrary, the two paintings differ in the ways beauty and realism. The reason why Courbet was convicted is due to the fact, it resolute denial to sentimentalize the scene of the painting. In addition, the art portrays monumental scene that historically were preserved for burial purposes of the most prominent people. The authorities created a notion that the artist is attacking the entire society though in different ways. On the other hand, the maid portrays beauty. The artist has tried to show some form of beauty by smoothening the photo that closely seems real. Courbet and Bonvin talks of the challenges that the society is facing; contrary, Courbet talks of political issues that arouse suspicious among the authorities while Bonvin addresses beauty of the society.

In conclusion, it seems the two artists have much in common that the differences in their paintings. Both have the basis of impressionist point of view that helps them to address each and every issue they encounter or even feel. However, both of their paintings have support of women as they are facing majority of problems in most societies. Surprisingly, many people do not understand objects and hence the two painters had a hard time living among people who never seemed have an idea of paintings. In addition, the painter ventured in brushwork that helped to bring realism. It is thus important to understand each painting so as to evaluate each object an individual meets on the way. Moreover, some of the paintings that were used in the past, today they are applied as a symbolism of variety issues. People interpret the objects in a manner that favors their interest. Therefore, the best offer one can give painters is the ability to analyze each image or drawing before judging their intentions.

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