Debt Collectors Research Paper Example for Your Free Use

Published: 2018-06-01
Debt Collectors Research Paper Example for Your Free Use
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Debt collection laws in Angie Mohr article

What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do is an article written by Angie Mohr in 2012 to clear up the confusion regarding the work of the arrears collectors. Indeed, it aims at availing an understanding relating to the process of data collection to eliminate various uncertainties that revolve around debts. Due to the existence of dubious debt collectors, every debtor should be aware of the arrears collection laws and the duties of the collectors.

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The article begins by lamenting how complicated it is to handle the debt collectors. It further elaborates their primary purposes in an extensive manner, whereby they are primarily meant to collect debts. However, these individuals are not supposed to harass the debtors while on duty, thus the reason for forming the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to protect the latter from such cases. Conversely, the author also explores what the collectors cannot undertake. For instance, they are only allowed to call at convenient time between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. (Mohr). Moreover, they do not have the mandate to inform a person's employer about the debt, unless it is sensitive like child support (Mohr). This article is very educative, in that it provides a chance for one to learn some aspects regarding debt collection laws. For instance, I did not know that in case a person requests the collectors not to contact him or her, it is against the law to persist. At the same time, I was also not aware that the law forbids them to charge penalties or fees, which were not part of the agreement during the administration of the debt.

Collection methods

In addition, the article explicitly elaborates elegant ways of contacting a debtor. It warns against availing personal information whether personal or financial over the telephone, email, the Internet, or through personal interviews. At the same time, the author says that it is crucial to make a confirmation with the creditor and establish whether it has subcontracted a different firm to contact debtors on its behalf. Notably, a debtor can always report to either the Federal Trade Commission or the Attorney General, if he or she feels that the collectors have violated some regulations.

In conclusion, the author says that people should be keen on the malicious debt collectors. In this regard, it is crucial to become acquainted with the collection methods being used by the creditor before transacting with them. In addition, it is vital to maintain a proper record of communication with the agents including their personal information as well as the date and time of contact.

Work Cited

Mohr, Angie. What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do. Investopedia, 2012, Accessed 7 Mar. 2017.

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