Criminal Law Essay about Legislature

Published: 2018-04-09
Criminal Law Essay about Legislature
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New Jersey legislature — Law essay on criminal

1. It comprises of two parts that is the senate as well as the general assembly. Senate is made up of 40 members while the general assembly comprises 80 members. senators are required to be at least 30 years old while members of the general assembly are required to be at least 21 years. Voters in every district elect one senator and two members of the general assembly.

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2. In New Jersey, crimes are classified in different degrees. The different classifications of crimes include first-degree, second-degree crimes, the third-degree, and fourth degree crimes. The first-degree crimes include murder and rape. The second-degree crimes include sex crimes, drug crimes, kidnapping among others. Third-degree crimes include robbery offenses, driving under the influence of drugs. The fourth-degree crimes include stalking and forgery.

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4. Manslaughter is among the most punishable crimes in New Jersey. However, the crime has many variations that receive different treatments. The various types of manslaughter crimes include Aggravated, Reckless manslaughter, Heat of passion death resulting from reasonable provocation and aggravated manslaughter whereby one causes death while evading the police. The main difference between the different types of manslaughter is the intention for the manslaughter that is, intentional, or a mistake. For the intentional manslaughter, people are acquitted with ease unlike the intentional ones.

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