Free Essay on Ben Franklin, Powerpoint Ppresentation Text

Published: 2018-04-08
Free Essay on Ben Franklin, Powerpoint Ppresentation Text
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• Benjamin Franklin is renowned as one of the forefathers of the U.S.

• Having contributed towards civilization in America, he found himself as one of the founding fathers in the American history.

• Even after the revolution according to the letter written to him by Patience Wright, Franklin still did enjoy working for the Britons in France and England.

• Many people consult Franklin on issues of democracy, capitalism and opportunity.

• Franklin became a serious contender and a key figure in American political freedom fight by voting for the American Independent Movement in the British parliament.

• Benjamin Franklin writes a letter to the British government to consider having a continental union to manage the colonies efficiently and regulate issues from a common ground.

• It took Franklin two years after parting ways with the British Parliament to be part of the team during the declaration of the American independence.

• Franklin was a key player in the committee that worked on drafting the Declaration of Independence.

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