Free Essay Containing the Review of The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature

Published: 2019-10-28
Free Essay Containing the Review of The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature
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The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature composed of 201 writers, is a book that explores Latinos tradition. In this case, the Anthologies entail a library in which different past events are made known to different audiences. The literature explains the two major Latino inhabitants in the U.S. the Anglo and the Hispanic, which constitute the Latinos double life. There are more than five Latino groups which have had a continuous mutability to this date. The Latinos ethnic group is the leading and fastest growing group in America, especially in the academic sector. Notably, the name Latino is used in the anthologies title since it is the neutral name for the Latin America and has being accepted by all within this category; mostly the Spanish-speaking countries such as South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Basin. Further, it captures the names used to represent the Latinos in the past, such as Hispano, Hispanic, iberoamericano and Spanish-speaking

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The anthology consists of five major sections which depict the journey the Latinos have taken to reach this far. The sections are the colonization covering the period between 1537-1810, Acculturation, upheaval, the popular dimensions and the largest section into the mainstream which explains the birth of the controversial expression tool adopted by the Latino: Spanglish (a hybrid of Spanish and English). It also has appendixes which contain the main decisive and cultural events of the Latino including the major historical events and essays that shaped that Latinos inhabitation in America. Even though the book covers many events, it does not cover all the canonical articles, but it has a substantial coverage.

The introduction covers the topic the search for wholeness. In this case, the freedom fighter and Cuban poet, Jose Martis quest to look for liberal Latinos in America are explored. He wanted a common-intent-one-soul Latin American society which shared goals and ancestry. In this article, Marti views the Americans who speak English as a group of invaders who lead to the contamination of the Latins customs and further views them as responsible for the deaths of many ancestral Latinos. His views were developed from the act that he experienced the so called Anglo-Saxon period in America and saw its flaws mainly aimed at eliminating the Hispanics. This lead to him dying as a martyr who fueled the Spanish-American war that liberated the Latinos. Marti, however, did not campaign for a war that pursued enmity rather; it was to pursue pride for the Latinos.

The literature also explores the two major evolutional periods that helped shape the Latinos existence. Which mainly occurred between 1823; the Monroe Doctrine and 1829; the Manifest Destiny. Notably, these periods were initiated under the rule of Presidents James Monroe and Andrew Jackson respectively. These two periods were majorly meant to abolish the Spanish-speaking nations and turn them into Americas territory (English-speaking). Mexico, Cuba and the general Iberian Peninsula were invaded and the Latinos had to fight back. However, millions of the inhabitants were relocated to the United States.

The literature also does not fail to capture the devastating moments that the Native Americans such as the Indians faced during the colonial period by the Americans. In this case, an account of the experiences that Indians faced in the hands of the Spanish Christians is outlined, incorporating the massive killings that were attained then. All these happenings formed the basis of the formation and development of the current Latin Americans ethnic group. The Relaciones, Derroteros and the Diarios are some of the base ethnic groups which resulted from the interaction of the Latinos and the Spaniards who originated from Columbian and other Spanish countries.

To sum it all up, the Literature book offers a good source of information for the path that the Latinos have taken to get here. It uses a compilation of hundreds of articles, essays and historical statistics to account for a wide turn of events for the thick-and-thin occurrences that molded the current Latinos existence.

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