Essay Example on Acceptable Use Policy

Published: 2019-11-18
Essay Example on Acceptable Use Policy
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The Acceptable Use Agreements present the federal and state guidelines and policies that organizations are required to follow with regards to the use of computers (Computer, Email and Internet Usage, 2014). The policy seeks to summarize the up to standard usage of information technology equipment. The guidelines ensure the safety of the employees and the organization. Failure to adhere to these guidelines presents various threats such as cyber attacks, compromising of the system, and legal problems (Doherty, Anastasakis & Fulford, 2011). In this case, the focus is MPC. The Internet, Intranet, and Extranet represent a broad range of computer tools, software, OS, Emails, WWW, as well as the asset of MPC. The systems sole purpose is to serve the interests of the organization and other stakeholders.

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Internet Policy

According to the Internet Policy, the acceptable practice requires that all individuals acknowledge that they represent the organization. While blogging and using social networking systems, people have an obligation to observe various rules. Even though infrequent usage of MPC system for the purpose of blogging is acceptable, professionalism must be maintained to stick to the set standards. While using the internet, it is undesirable to disclose confidential information of the organization (SANS Institute, 2014). Also, it is unacceptable to share any materials covered by the organizations Confidential Policy. It is deplorable for employees to take part in blogging that tarnishes the reputation of the organization. Also, employees should not introduce malware software to the company system.

Password Policy

During the use of computer systems, the Password Policy must be observed. It is improper use to give access to third parties knowingly or through carelessness when it comes to securing privacy. According to the policy, all computer systems must be secure. It means that a password must be used to secure every aspect of computing machines. Acceptable use requires the employees to log off if the computer is not in use.

Email Policy

With regards to the Email Policy, if an employee makes a posting about MPC to any group, it is it is required that the Email contains a disclaimer statement categorizing that the views are personal and do not present those of the MPC. When opening Emails, acceptable use requires that employees open attachments cautiously, especially if the source is doubtful to avoid opening malware (SANS Institute, 2014). As provided in the Email Policy, it is insupportable to send junk emails to random individuals who have not requested information. All kinds of harassments via Email represent unacceptable behavior. It is intolerable to utilize unsolicited emails that originate from the organizations network system with the aim of advertising services hosted by MPC.

Copyright Policy

It is unacceptable to engage in duplication of information covered under the Copyright Policy. For instance, it is unacceptable to distribute information from copyrighted books and leaflets. The user must have the license to use such information. Hence, the acceptable practice involves complying with copyright and intellectual property laws. It is improper to acquire organizational data if the purpose is not to the interest of the company (Haferkamp, 2014). Also, it offensive to export software that are against the international control standards. It is acceptable to consult the administration before exportation of such materials. It is objectionable for employees to engage in the trading of copyrighted materials or sharing of pirated materials. Moreover, it is unacceptable to violate any intellectual laws in the process of blogging activities.


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