Free Essay on Classical Argument on American Dream and Education in America

Published: 2019-10-17
Free Essay on Classical Argument on American Dream and Education in America
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Statistically, most American normally has the perception that the direct ticket or passage to the American dream is through pursuing a college education. From the recent observation made by educational observers in the United States, a warning has been raised that the serious fluctuation in the performance of students loan debt and the inadequacy experienced in the job market through shortage, is undermining this direct ticket. First of all we, as an American society, have come up with the perspective that every person who is living in the United States deserves the right and in great need of an education. Nothing could be at one point further from the truth. I dont like to be unpleasing and not realistic, but not every individual or student in the United States of America has the potential or is generally a college material. From the American perspective, every individual who has graduated from high school shouldnt be expectant of proceeding to college, much less graduate (Aaronson).

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Whereas in the past the American dream was associated with the certain principle that was pertaining to freedom, in the present world, the American dream is now equated with things. The American dream with the change of time and events has gone through the process of evolution and metamorphosis from the time it was based on principle to the time it is being perceived as materialism (Kaplan). In our present days American dream is becoming an issue that is widely spreading in the society; most people are even raising doubt with both negative and positive argument to whether the dream really exists and is it achievable or just a fantasy that was built in the past(Kaplan). The American dream was generally the basis and the foundation of many individuals and their dreams and success are just American dream. This belief is with time fading and many have been wondering if the idea was in a position of being accomplished or was imagination the dream.

The current American dream is just cars, expensive and good house fenced with a white picket and a famous family name, this is just making the dream sad, and if the dream could wake up, it is in a position of punishing many Americans. with the notion that is seriously spreading like bush fire, the dream which was easy to achieve is now becoming an inclined hill to climb to the top, making it hard and impossible for most people who want to achieve it. Unlike American dream in the past years, the American dream was more of prosperity and prosperity but also it was about reinvention and escape (Newfield).

Although some of the wild factors have made the dream difficult to attain, one of the outstanding and the strongest propeller has been associated with its general impact and reality of the current dream which is the education which has been portrayed as a tsunami of change. Ideologically, if the idea of the dream is changed, to more realistic and suitable perception, then the idea is to portray a reality rather than just a dream. Statistically, education in America has been clouded by additional tuition fee, by the greedy colleges who are much putting their focus on money, a serious amount of debt piling up like a garbage that is difficult to eradicate and not identified success level that normally follow after(Newfield). However, if the dream is changed through dumping the bad ideas associated with it. At one point American dream is a time covered with dark clouds portraying what it is, a dream.

In reference to a logical appeal, college investment is like a friend who acts as a future investment thats how America dream is considered recently, with the ruthless and the merciless rate at which America colleges are increasing the tuition fees, most people who are not blessed enough with good income and capital, some American individuals who are not in a position of affording to pay the rising tuition fee are not able to achieve America dream whatsoever. Taking a comparison to the past, achieving American dream has not been swift and easy for all the people as it was in the past years. Some of the American citizens expresses that, they find the education tuition to be so expensive with the parents complaining about whether to pay for their kids' tuition fee or stay with no accommodation and money to feed the whole family (Kaplan).

Increasing rise of price when it comes to pursuing better education every year,it is difficult to imagine and wonder if most of the individuals are in a position of applying themselves and even making the vast decision of proceeding to college in order to make their future life better in the long run (Kaplan). It generally sounds funny at the same time sad, that in America, a tuition that goes for four years when an individual is pursuing a course in college extremely increasing like a high demand product in the market, much quicker than a rise of a family income (Marcus and Kara). The situation is like; its driven by unknown forces which are so strong and extremely controlling. Education in America dream is now not even essential in the recent America hence wont be in a position of changing or making any difference in the coming future. The damage this is doing to the entire community cannot be explained and much young youth is engaging themselves in drugs and different crimes, which is generally not fair to the development of American dream. Its actually poisonous since many dreams which are part of American dreams are lost and not achieved. Some policies are needed to be set in place to make pursuing American dream much cheaper so that it can accommodate all the bright minds regardless.

Focusing on the todays ethos, much is implied that the level of opportunity in the American disposal when it comes to achieving prosperity is through college education and hard work. In reference to the dream of An American, this is a representation of the existing opportunity for the children of America to develop through growing up and in the process receiving the best education and pursuing their dream carriers without the artificial obstruction and different hindrance. In the American believes and traditions, for American dream to be achieved, education basically provide the great opportunity for every individual to come up with their own choices without the prior perception and the experience of restrictions that small population of the lucky individuals based on their caste, class ethnicity, race, religion, color, and class. In reference the immigrant perspective, the United States is able to sponsor ethnic newspaper journals and articles which are expressed in their native languages in order to experience an improved performance and the editors in their job are promoting the American dream (Marcus and Kara).

Additionally, focusing on some beliefs, statistically seventy percent of the middle-class level and the working class level, much of the upward mobility when it comes to education have been effectively serving as the soul and heart of American dream. In this case, education is seen to be the best solution when it comes to achieving the American dream. This is because, in united states the general performance of the education system is working for improvement and for the betterment and it takes a lot of investment to improves one's lot doing this is considering the generational perspective where, it moves from oneself and one's offsprings to the other generations, moving downward ones link is much the objective and what the united states of America is all about, when it comes to the achievement of American dream and education in general.

Through this quote plan on working hard, preparing by saving a little of what you work for, take your children to college in order to pursue what they like and what you can afford so that you lift them to a better position, much better than how you did in your early performance, and when you are serving on your way to retirement, you retire with joy and happiness to a much warmer climate to have fun (Newfield). This has been the script that has been handed from one generation to the next generation making the whole American dream being achieved by education.

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