Your A+ Argumentative Essay Checklist

Your A+ Argumentative Essay Checklist

You did your best to write a perfect argumentative essay, but still, the professor didnt give you an A+. Its not a reason to throw in the towel, there are so many assignments ahead of you. And with the help of our checklist, you will make the next argumentative essay your best. Make sure to hit all four of our points to ensure the highest grade.Besides, do not forget about a chance to get qualified and professional essay writing help online. Specify the requirements and let experts take care of your academic success. 

Your Topic Is Highly Controversial

The point of an argumentative essay is to convince your readers to take your side on a particular topic. Therefore, if you choose to talk about something well-known and irrefutable, your essay wont fit the parameters of the argumentative essay assignment. Your topic should always be debatable. The more controversial it is, the better. Some students opt to turn to an online essay writing service when they find it hard to pick the right topic for their assignment, and it is an optimal solution in this case.

For example, no one will argue that chocolate is made out of cocoa powder and sugar. The recipes and ingredients ratio may vary, but at the core, chocolate is still mostly cocoa and sugar. To make the topic fit for an argumentative essay, go with something more interesting.

Should the government add chocolate bars and sweets to the list of controlled substances?

That is a good question to discuss in your argumentative essay.

You Have A Strong Stance

Even if you prefer a non-confrontational approach and never make rash declarations, now is the time to pick a side and stick to it. Remember that your goal is to win a one-sided argument with your readers. You cant win if you dont have a strong opinion on the matter. You have to believe in the viewpoint you protect, or at least pretend to believe in it for the time it takes you to complete the paper.

Dont write:

I love chocolate and enjoy the fact I can buy it anywhere, but it should definitely be a controlled substance since I cant stop eating it and gain a lot of weight.

Do write:

The government should regulate the sales of chocolate bars and similar sugar-based products to decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases among children, teenagers, and adults.

argumentative Essay Checklist

You Support Your Arguments With Evidence

To make someone take your side in an argument, you need to provide irrefutable proof. In case of an argumentative essay, use facts, real-life examples, statistics, and expert opinions. You will have to do some research to find enough data that will back up your position.

If you dont find enough supporting evidence, dont go inventing it yourself, as you will have to provide citations for every fact. Your unsubstantiated opinion cannot be considered a valid argument, even if you repeat it multiple times.

Dont write:

I believe chocolate sales should be regulated by the government because sweets can cause weight gain.

Do write:

Chocolate-based sweets contain sugar, which is considered one of the primary causes of the metabolic syndrome. According to multiple studies, this assortment of symptoms increases the chances of chronic diseases, like diabetes, heart and liver disease.

You Refute Opposing Arguments

Before writing a conclusion, you need to address the alternative positions and refute opposing arguments. If you ignore them, you might as well confess that your arguments are not strong enough. But if you take time to inspect opposing claims and address them, you will make your essay more convincing and improve your chances of getting that elusive A+.

Do write:

One might say, that chocolate consumption is a personal responsibility and a habit that causes no harm to the society as a whole. However, according to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012 the costs of treating diabetes increased to $245 billion. Therefore, sugar and chocolate consumption is a social problem, that decreases workforce productivity and increases the tax expenses.

As you see, the tricks of getting a good grade for your argumentative essay are not hard to master. Go through this checklist every time before you start writing, and you will win your instructors praise. And if you need some help with your research paper, synthesis essay or any other papers, you are always welcome to get assistance from our professional writers.